King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


Good on Em for that headlining spot, fuck trying to follow them


I reckon so, their live show is pretty strong and they seem to have picked up a pretty big following over the last year


Was looking at their vinyl on Discogs and there are some hefty ££’s going for some of the presses eh. I bought a “hot pink and bone swirl” version of Mind Fuzz off ebay years back for only £30 with no other bidders and now it’s on there for £145. Makes me think if it’s worth selling then just buying s cheap black version instead, same music afterall. Worth a punt, but then knowing me I’ll be weeping about it in the small hours for months after…


has Eyes Like the Sky just disappeared off Spotify? i’m sure it was there last time i looked



Don’t think it’s ever been on UK Spotify, at least not in the last year or so


yeah i was just googling and saw people saying that. could have sworn it was on there but might just be thinking of bandcamp


Reissues incoming -

" King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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:bangbang:️REISSUES CONFIRMED:bangbang:

We are extremely excited to announce that our first 5 albums will be reissued on 12” vinyl for the first time this year with re-imagined artwork, packaging, liner notes and wax colours via Flightless Records.

Pre-order goes live 9am 14 September, 2018 AEST @

FLT-001R: 12 Bar Bruise
‘Muckraker Edition’ limited to 5000 copies worldwide.

FLT-005R: Eyes Like The Sky
‘Gun Smoke Edition’ limited to 5000 copies worldwide.

FLT-006R: Float Along - Fill Your Lungs
‘Kale & Banana Smoothie Edition’ limited to 5000 copies worldwide.

FLT-009R: Oddments
‘Hot Wax Edition’ limited to 5000 copies worldwide.

FLT-040: Willoughby’s Beach EP
‘Ocean Death 12” Edition’ limited to 5000 copies worldwide.

There will also be standard editions in stores worldwide from November 2nd, 2018. :earth_asia:



also GIZZFEST dates announced!


such a band that can make a song with various vibe from one album to another album but never lost their identity. Still wait to their tour to my country :persevere::persevere:


reissues up for sale now - although their webstore seems to have crashed, issues with shipping!


well that went to shit! reissues taken down, to be sold again at a later date


if anyone else still buys CDs, i noticed Gumboot Soup is currently £4.99 in the HMV sale.

annoyingly i only really like a handful of songs on it but feel obliged to buy it for that price. i only just got round to picking up Nonagon last week and all