King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


They’re all good but I’d say I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, Willoughby’s Bush, 12 Bar Bruise and Nonagon are the ones I return to most… that’s not really narrowed it down much has it! The new one’s definitely got potential to become a favourite


Not really a fan of Paper Mache Dream Balloon?


Don’t remember loving it but it might be worth a revisit.


Yeah it’s kind of like the ‘Sleeper’ of their catalogue. More of psych acoustic oddity…

I’m saying this presuming you’re a Ty Segall fan as well? :smile:


Aye I do remember thinking it was a bit tamer than the others.

Yes but very much a newcomer so I haven’t heard Sleeper. Just getting stuck into the new one, Slaughterhouse and Emotional Mugger atm. Working my way backwards.


Paper Mache is certainly their most whimsical. Its like a soundtrack to a 70’s kids show!

Sleeper is Ty at his most Neil Young-esque and he wrote it after his dad passed away. Its not my favourite of his but still worth checking out. I’ve still not heard his latest…


It’s on youtube and here


Sweet - cheers for the link!


already teasing the next album


pre-orders happening this week for the new album


I really need to see this band live.



The new vinyl looks boss!


Not sure about this… I wish they’d not bothered with the voice, can’t see that not putting me off listening to it


Best flute use in a rock concert I’ve ever witnessed


checking out Nonagon Infinity, and loved Robot Stop so much that i added it to the play queue after the album ended. OF COURSE THE LAST TRACK FLOWS INTO THE FIRST :smiley:


Caught these guys on the Coachella stream. Shit was intense and pretty amazing.


Mega FULL ON album. Need a wee nap after



just listening to these guys for the first time and am quite annoyed at how much I’m liking it because the name is so, so shit.

sounds sort of like Adebisi Shank though