King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


What a face melter that tune is.


Such a consistently great band! Can’t wait to see where they go with this album…

Been spinning Flying Mircotonal Banana loads!


I’ve been listening to ‘Nonagon Infinity’. It’s relentless, looking forward to diving in to the rest of their catalogue. They look like so much fun live too!


Yeah probably check out the latest to follow up Nonagon with then probably their earliest stuff like I’m your Mind Fuzz or 12 Bar Bruise. Their quieter albums like Quarters and Papier Mache Dream Balloon are both fantastic too! They haven’t put out a duff record though.


what king gizzard stuff reminds you of the shank?


The first track on Nonagon has that similar sort of relentless groove (didn’t listen to anything else)


I’ll check all these records out. Cheers!


I like to think of Papier Mache and Quarters as perfect Sunday records

Nonagon Infinity and I’m in Your Mind Fuzz are the party bangers

I think Oddments is probably push come to shove my favourite, got a bit of everything

really looking forward to the new one - i think the first stuff out of it sounds great, saw a few of the tracks live and they are intense!


now that you’ve pointed it out i can see the similarity!


I tend to stick them on the work stereo too! Haven’t had any complaints :thumbsup:


hang on, your username. You are actually them aren’t you ?

"Such a consistently great band! "

"They don’t disappoint, do they? The new one is a relentless, jazzy racket! "

"They blow me away every time! "


I can’t comment on the third quote there, but the first two are certainly true.


Ahhh you got us!! Keep listening and don’t forget to pre-order the new record. It’s out June 23rd!

Yours sincerely,
King Gizzard x


just checking in to say I fuggin love this track


New material:


That first track with the spoken word stuff irritated me so I think I’ll wait to hear the whole thing in context


Aye I wasn’t too keen on the spoken word bits either but everything inbetween was :ok_hand:


huh I really like these epics with spoken word stuff between. Gonna buy this one for the first time since Papier Mache Dream Balloon. Have been thinking that their recent rawk albums have been mixed a bit flat but now I realise I just need to turn them the hell up


It was the robotic voice stuff about vomiting everywhere on Han-Tyumi that grated with me tbh


I’m hoping the spoken words bits grow on me. I wasn’t entirely put off by them, just initially found them to be a tad distracting.

Looks like a cool bit of vinyl to add to the collection though!