King Krule then

Doesn’t really get much of a mention on these boards. Always really loved his voice but his solo records never really did it for me. Prefer him doing vocals over some Mount Kimbie beats. New track’s here:

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the noose of jah city is a fucking great track


I liked the first King Krule album but agree on the Mount Kimbie point. This track and video from earlier this year are pretty much perfect. Reminds me of Jamie T “Ike & Tina”…


I think he has a great album in him. A very unique voice. But yeah maybe that will be in a colab project

Easy Easy was a great tune

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I really liked 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. Strangely less taken with his Mount Kimbie stuff… But always look forward to hearing more from him.

Always just seemed like Joe Strummer part 2 but still very good tbh

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New album ‘The Ooz’ out on Oct 13th. Looking forward to it, Czech One hits the spot.

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I am a bit addicted to this track, the beginning is nice enough but yeah from about 2 mins in it is indeed pretty much perfect, keep coming back to it, def top 5 tracks of the year for me.

Yeah it’s absolutely brilliant isn’t it. All of that new Mount Kimbie record is to be fair.

yup, I’m somewhat surprised how much I’m enjoying the album, I remember really liking ‘maybes’ back when but never really jelled with crooks and lovers, I keep back to back playing this album with Khalil - The Water we Drink over the last week or so and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience.


Will get on that man, lovely stuff.

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this is great


Great tune :ok_hand:t2:

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Any record with the rhyming couplet ‘he left the crime scene without the Motorola/still had dreams of being Gianfranco Zola’ is alright by me.


Oh, like the film.

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Couple of plays through and i like it. I think he’s a decent songwriter but not yet great, the structure of quite a few of the songs feel paper thin and appear to work more as vehicles for his overall sound, if that makes sense. Thankfully that sound is fucking great - the production on this is top notch, one of the best sounding records i’ve heard in a long time.

Yeah the production is immaculate, only done 1 playthrough but despite the length it never felt like a slog. Still go by my comments in the OP.

Yeah, not many hooks as far as i can tell, but just really interesting to listen to.

It’s got a bit of a Tom Waits feel to it at times.

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