Kings and Queens...a help me dress up thread

Morning all.

For those who remember my Grandma since turning 90 has a party every year with a fun dress up theme, this year it’s Kings and Queens.

So I need non obvious ideas, was thinking maybe the Queen of Country Dolly Parton as I have the chest and cowboy boots already.

V is wanting to be Elvis, R not sure and Mr S needs a very non costume idea as he hasn’t really come on board with the whole thing.


Mr S could be Jerry Lawler? Or the Tyre King?

The tyre king? Let me Google that :grin:

Bass guitar held just below the neck, hey presto you’re slap bass hunk Mark King.


Dress the kids up as a hot dog, a jumping frog, and Albuquerque.

(I’m counting Mr S as a kid here)

Michael Jackson or Beyoncé
edit or prince

that crap TV show thats not Frasier

Sorry, I am not getting this…

or as a snooker player - the jester from Leicester

Nice MJ is easy too.

someone from the band Queen - does anyone know what the drummer looks like…?

a lot like Mr S, i believe

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Instruct people to stand next to you at every opportunity and hey presto you’re Ben E King

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Kinga would be great, pigtails and a wine bottle. The explaining might be a bit awkward though…

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