Kink Indie New Releases 27th November - 3rd December Playlist

Weird request, but I’m putting together a playlist this week for “best new releases of the week” for the Dutch radio station Kink. I thought it might be cool to include some tracks from the community here so thought I’d make a post on these here boards for songs you think might be worth including in the playlist. I can only include so many, so this is by no means a guarantee, but feel free to JAG, spam or recommend in this thread.


  • The song is released between 12th & 18th June.
  • The song needs to be brand new, so no songs that were earlier released as singles and have now been released on an album / EP.
  • I need to submit the list Friday morning, and frankly I’m more likely to pay more attention to tracks added earlier rather than later.

Thanks in advance for your tips.


This would be a good thread to have each week


I have something, but it came out today, does it have to be from tomorrrow? Else I have a couple of other tracks out next Friday.

That particular thread comes out on Friday which is too late for me to use.

The ones out Friday 18th work, any chance I can get a listen to those two in advance? DM?

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yeah sure.

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@Twinkletoes any of your label releases that I might be able to get an advance listen to?

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Nowt out that week sadly. Got something for 25th June

Ah shame, thanks for letting me know!

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Decent Bjork cover here out today

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And this obviously


I think tracks/singles seemed to be released on Wednesdays fairly frequently, so worth checking your spotify then (on the Home page of the mobile app, I’ve just discovered that you can click the Notifications bell at the top to see new music that’s been released, without having to wait until the Friday Release Radar playlist. Not sure how you see them on the Desktop app though).

Anyway, today has a few nice songs out:

and Gold Flake Paint posted about this twangy song a couple of days ago:

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Thanks all, this is the longlist I’m picking from over the next couple of hours

Have made it collaborative in case anyone wants to add something directly. Have also made a copy of it in case someone abuses that trust.

I’ve submitted my playlist, thanks to all who made some suggestions, including @paulo13’s ones which I wish I could have added more from.

I added a great new track from @rupturerapture which I also asked to be highlighted in this article promoting the show.

The show will be on Kink Indie this evening at 19:00 CEST, and will be broadcast again tomorrow morning and will later be listenable in Podcast form here.


What’s the format of the show? Is there chat (and if so is it you) or just back to back tunes?

98% tunes 2% chat. I talk a little.

Cool, will give it a listen. Is this going to be a regular thing?

Whoever added Vaudou Game has missed the window by one day as that came out on 11th. Good album though.

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The show is weekly, but this is a one off with me curating it (for now).

thanks so much for the shout out and inclusion in the article buddy. Looking forward to checking out the podcast.


Playing on Dutch radio now, playing for the next hour KINK Player

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