Kink Indie New Releases 27th November - 3rd December Playlist

If it’s not too late, I’m liking this a lot…

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They played the entirely wrong track, so sorry dude

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Ah sorry, that was me. I knew it was out last Friday, but for some reason thought that was in the date range because I’m an idiot.

This was the final playlist (for anyone interested)

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haha no worries mate that’s quite funny :smiley:


I’m doing this again this week, if anyone has any recommendations.

A new strange ep from Hen Ogledd is out today:


Anyone curious, the new playlist will be playing on KINK INDIE at 18:00 (UK time).

Sorry for not adding anything here! Not really had a chance to listen to anything in detail enough to pick out songs. I’d have suggested something from the new Mario Batkovic album, maybe SURROGATUM.

I’ll check out what you came up with anyway.

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This was on my longlist, but didn’t make the final hour!

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