Kiss a ginger day



Look at this little cutie


What about these guys too?



I LOVE MOTHS. I was in a pub somewhere far away in the depths of the Highlands and there was a lady there at the bar who was very glamourous. She stood out because she was wearing this black and white polkadot furry coat. Anyway, I went into the toilet and discovered this little guy on the wall…

Blates her spirit moth eh?


Oh and I love gingers :slight_smile: My bf is a ginge! I’ll give him a snog just for you tonight :wink: You’re welcome.



He leads a lonely life!


I’m really fucking terrified of moths (just evil butterflies aren’t they?) and opening this thread has given me mad anxiety so cheers guys


You should have said that moths give you the butterflies.


2017 has been a series of missed opportunities so far


Yeah, I would have been genuinely pissed off if I’d opened this thread to a picture of a giant, ginger spider.


My TV is a redhead, they’re gonna get A BIG OL’ SMOOCHEROO tonight.


Sorry :frowning:


I kissed a lady with red hair at the weekend. A1, would kiss again.



Good work KayGee.


South Mimms services?


I think he’s hoping to service her south Mimms this weekend!


Are you ginger?

  • Yes, completely
  • Yes, in certain light conditions
  • Kinda, eg my beard is a bit gingery
  • Nope, not at all

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There was a reason why I didn’t pick Kate’s Cabin or Ram Jam :laughing:




Only ever kissed 1 ginger person :thinking::slight_frown: