Kissing Greetings (a Poll thread)

So I’m hoping I’m of at least average neuroses when it concerns this but here you all go:

  • I will kiss a friend hello on the lips
  • I will kiss a friend hello on the cheeks
  • If they indicate they’re going to do this I go along with it
  • If it looks like they’re going to kiss me on the lips I involuntarily lurch them my cheek because I’m a massive dweeb

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I’ve probably bollocksed this up.

I only kiss female friends on the cheek actually - and not all of them.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Looking forward to the next DiS meat :kissing_heart: :lips: :tongue:


air kiss and mwa noise

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the BUTT cheek

That would be inappropriate.

yeah I suppose it would. sorry.

continental cheek air kiss game is on fire rn.

Don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this causes me actual distress. I have a friend who does this all the time and basically my body can’t handle anything that’s not either strictly platonic or actively romantic even if my mind can and I basically have to physically run away.


Found this is definitely more of a ‘thing’ since moving to London all those years ago.

Kissing friends on the lips is a bit weird, no? Cheeks absolutely but lips are for snogging.


Exactly, oh god why can’t people have boundaries

would be pretty funny if that were the norm though. Like a 10 second french kiss for a regular greeting.


What if two groups of friends bumped into each other? Carnage!


Is it massively Brexit to worry about this

  • Yeah, get with the times, Grandad! Everyone snogs now
  • Think of the Tories, please.

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usually just shut down the whole thing by going for a pre-emptive high five, or just stare at my shoes until people move on.

Not really a Lincolnshire thing, is it?

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not worrying about this is just one of the many benefits of staying in your room by yourself all day everyday