Kissing your child on the lips



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(now a banned act)


Gunna go with weird cause I wouldn’t do it myself, but caring whether or not someone else does it is far, far weirder


Gone with ‘weird’ because when you think about it kissing is just weird isn’t it “ooh I like this person so I’ll touch their lips with my lips for a bit” Weird.



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Depends really.


Absolutely fine when you’re a small child.


Last time we had this thread, I posted this video. I still stand by the fact this is VERY VERY weird.


Not very likely to be a parent then, are you.


The pictures of the mams with their baby daughters are cute. Pictures of old dads with their teenage daughters are weird.


(this is a “small child cannot be parent” joke, not the other reading)


Our baby tries to snog you, so you really havent got much choice sometimes.


I think this about a lot of things but I also enjoy a kiss

Same with putting your mouth on other peoples private bits. SO WEIRD but also not weird at all.


I don’t do it myself - I’ll kiss my daughters on the cheek or forehead.

But then I looked at the photos in that article and I don’t think any of them look weird doing so.

So yeah, no massive problem with it.


Pictures of people kissing other people on the lips FULL STOP is weird


How about clapping? Smashing your hands into each other to show appreciation for a thing? Dead weird.


Proper weird.

I also find sleeping is a bit werid. We all go lay down in the dark for HOURS and forget?


I don’t really do it but I don’t think it’s weird



This is the best description of sleeping I’ve ever heard.


Yep, very odd at the least I’d say.

Eating a thing that then turns into a smelly brown poo and making it come out of our bumholes? Weird.