Kitchen design thread

I just made this in Paint:

Kitchen measures 2.29m by 3.28m.

I think those walls can be knocked down but currently there are cupboards there.

Someone design my kitchen for me please.

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You probably don’t want to move either the cooker or the sink. Unless you REALLY want to move the cooker or the sink. Where does the fridge go? And why do you want to knock down any walls that aren’t in the way of anything? Also, are you trying to get a viable dining space out of that layout?

I think you’ll find that excel is the designer’s tool of choice

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Because if we don’t knock down the walls we’re losing valuable worktop space. Here’s a pic:

(it would leave worktop space opposite the sink).

Fridge is currently a under counter one which is being removed. We’ll purchase a new tall one with a freezer.

is that door the door to the weird cupboard?


yes, there’s also one opposite. it’s just like a larder cupboard, but the one on the right has a fucking window inside. all the internal walls are solid but I assume these aren’t load-bearing, so could be knocked down?

where is the stupid window in the top left of the diagram?

oh i see

So it’s like a tiny jail in your kitchen?

  1. Find out if those walls can be knocked down.
  2. Could the door to the living room open outwards?
  3. Is your existing oven gas? Are you wanting your new oven or hob to be gas?
  4. What appliances do you want to accommodate? Washing machine? Fridge? Freezer? FridgeFreezer? Dishwasher?
  5. Do you want the kitchen to have a small table or breakfast bar to eat at?
  6. Do you want the kitchen to accommodate a boiler?

watch out, marckee’s about!

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  1. Yep.

  2. Sorry, both the doors open outwards.

  3. Electric. The gas supply has been turned off. But we could get it reinstated (the heating is currently electric). Obvs we’d want gas but unsure as to the costs of getting the gas back into the property.

  4. Washing machine, fridge/freezer. Not bothered about the rest.

  5. Nah, don’t think it’s large enough.

  6. The boiler is currently in the bathroom where I think we will keep it (the bathroom is large).


It’s gonna cost ~£723 + VAT to get gas re-instated according to SGN.

Quick tip: Your basic building block should be the 600x600mm unit - cupboards and appliances generally come in this size.

  1. Cool
  2. That makes things easier
  3. Has it been terminated at a meter then? A meter specific to your property? If you’re going for an electic oven and hob then presumably there’s a 30amp socket where the oven is now. Unless you’re wanting to get an electrician in to add additional sockets, I would keep the oven in approximately the same location that it is in now. Maybe move it away from the cupboard wall by 600mm if you can’t knock it down.
  4. Washing machine should go under the sink drainer then. FridgeFreezer should go at the end of a run of worktop/units
  5. Good, that frees up a bit more space.

One other thing. Do you know the floor to ceiling height? It would be quite good to get an extract above the hob, above the wall cupboards and out to an external wall. The extract you have at the moment won’t be up to the job, by the looks of things.

I’d never had guessed.

Just looked at the survey again: there is no meter and it has been “tapped”. I have no more information than that I’m afraid. If it’s going to be relatively cheap to get installed we will probably do it when getting new heating rather than now (the kitchen is urgent).

Yeah, forgot about the extractor. No idea about the ceiling height :frowning: