Kitchen design thread





I think we’re going to end up with something similar style-wise, though we want handles (black square t-bar), slightly darker worktop and white tiles with grey (black?) grouting? No idea about the floor. And why hasn’t out builder come back to us with a quote ffs?


Well I’m glad you asked. We bought the IKEA one with the bar and then just now the guy pointed out our sink came with a draining rack and a wooden chopping board that fits over 2/3 the sink. Probably keep the second drainer. We don’t have the space for a dishwasher and previously it was pretty precarious to do a full load of washing up from dinner when you had a few pans plus other utensils and bowels and plates. This way we can have the plates on the hanging one and use the main one for all the pans.



I’ve just realised we have this same worktop at home. Is it from IKEA?
Have you coated it at all? Unfortunately I’ve ruined ours a bit by using a ceramic teabag rest thing which has left a huge ring and has taken all the colour out of it. It’s also worn away some bits around the sink that have a bit of water damage?


extra capacity always comes in handy

I’ve ended up with this rubber square drainer thing to give a bit of extra - you sort of fold it in half to pour the water it catches down the sink. It’s good for putting mugs and glasses on


This is magnet but it’s also laminate not wood, so I’m not sure it can be damaged in that way. There isn’t a coating for it that I know of and so it shouldn’t really succumb to water damage very easily, I hope.


That’s it. You’ve fucked it Theo.

Rip it out and start again.


The only thing that everyone knows about kitchen design is that your fridge, cooker and sink should form a triangle. I am enjoying the fact that Theo’s triangle is a straight line.

What’s the thing hanging off the wall to the left of the sink?


Finally - a pull-Theos-new-kitched-apart thread. Been waiting for one of these for ages.

Nice “triangle” T-Bone.


It’s an IKEA draining rack that you buy to hang off one of their steel bars (that we have in the wall there) This is what we’re discussing up there ^^^ about having more space for drying.

It’s not really possible to create the triangle you mean in a kitchen this small and with this design. Straight light kitchens are a standard option when designing kitchens, though.


Mate I said I enjoyed it, I love straight line triangles! It’s grumpy chops above causing all the beeving :slight_smile:


Think we’ve chosen a builder / settled on a design. One annoying thing is that he “doesn’t do” painting. LOL. So we’re gonna have to do that… after? FUN TIMES. Luckily we’ve got quite a bit of tiling going on so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I need to buy all the appliances soon.


That is a bit annoying - we had that too. Before we had ours put in all the walls were newly plastered, so I quickly buzzed round a couple of days before and primed all the walls white before the new radiators were hung, floor was tiled, units put in etc. Didn’t have time to paint it properly.

Most of it gets covered up obviously, but just makes it a bit easier/neater to paint round bits where tiling ends, behind rads etc


mine was EXACTLY like this. still needs painting 5 years on :joy:

gonna do the whole flat again this summer (is what Ive said th previous 2 summers)


there’s some wallpaper to get rid of, so we’re gonna do that tonight, and then we can assess the state of the walls. we might be able to prime them before next week i guess. the ceiling also needs painting.


It’s a ballache but worth doing. No getting paint all over your nice new kitchen, cos if you’re like me you’ll be all “Nah, don’t need to use a sheet, i’ll be really carefu… MY NEW WORKTOP!!”


As I was my own kitchen fitter I painted before I put the units in

It did make the painting much easier

Downside to being my own kitchen fitter and having separate electrician/ plumber/ plasterer/ floor sander and tiler coming at different times is it took agggggeees


call in a few favours from your London mates. many hands really do make light work.
Can blast a room in an hour or two. few beers (and a pizza) after.


A rectangle pizza?


Hoping I can curl one out this evening as my shitter will finally be done (some tidying up today I have been promised, I also need to buy a mirror cabinet thing and bog roll holder):


nice work.

i like those square bogs.

just blew a grand on appliances today and still got a hob to buy.