Kitchen design thread



Rather stretching the definition of “kitchen” there mate.


It flushed on the first yank! I love this house




looks like the kind of stripped-back exposed-brick shabby-chic urban living you LME go nuts for.


WAYHEY! What a party that must have been!


Those cupboards weren’t NEARLY as big as I thought they were.


Just did a snort in the office, nice one.


Having real anxiety that we’ve fucked up choosing the cabinets / worktops / tiling / flooring / appliances and they won’t all look good together.



It’s ok - you’ll be upgrading again in 10-15 years


surely we won’t be there that long. surely.



Here’s our kitchen as of this morning:

Builder said “it’s a nightmare”.

Basically the plumbing (can’t see in that photo) has been cemented in, and he needs to move it slightly to accommodate the new washing machine.

In addition to this, the lights in the kitchen were never actually… wired up? LOL. So he’s going to tear down the ceiling and wire the new lights to the lights in the lounge.

We’re moving in on Saturday and there is so much dust and shit everywhere. I am not sure all our things will fit in the two bedrooms.

EDIT: oh and the ducting kit we bought isn’t long enough and I can’t seem to, err, find one long enough? Maybe it’s just a case of buying a longer bit of hose?




ALSO he said he’d probably be done by Wednesday.

I don’t really care about that I am just concerned about where all of our shit will go :anguished::anguished::anguished:


Good luck with everything Niki. In a few months everything will be fiiiine. :slight_smile:


It will go EVERYWHERE. TBH your biggest issue sounds like finding space to actually sleep somewhere. Do bamos and nice Squizza have a spare room?


At least the ceiling is holding without those cupboards there.

Hang on… can I see a bit of sag there?


yeah, it’s all a bit crooked, nothing to worry about apparently.

Well. One bedroom can just be crammed full of stuff, the other we can make the bed in? They’re quite good szies. He knows we’re moving in on Saturday, so maybe if he can just… move some of the kitchen currently in the living room we could get the sofa in there? Probably not though ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Honestly guys I am not a stressful person but this is doing my nut


I was just taking the piss. I can’t see anything really.

I’m sure it’s all fine.


Sofa stands on its end in the living room with the kitchen stuff. There should be room for all of these things really, just a bit of a jenga. :slight_smile:


Get @Smee to apply his van packing skills