Kitchen design thread




Going by the picture up there it looks like some kind of grey slate vinyl would have been quite nice though, hmmmmmmm.

We’ve learned loads during having this bloody kitchen fitted. Bathroom’s next, I reckon.


Looks great.


the oven we selected. was 850quid! why don’t they tell you the price in the shop??



Now we have to go back, tail between legs…


We bought the oven / hob / hood / fridge / washing machine separately. Fuck getting them from Howdens.


How did you manage to find an oven costing £850?


How did you do it - did you get a quote from Howdens, or a fitter who uses Howdens?

I know I’ve said this several times before, but go for the latter and get quotes from different fitters, and make sure that they know they are in a competitive tender.

Howdens give their trade customers a huge discount, so a decent fitter will be able to get you anything up for 50% of the non-trade list price, and are more likely to pass more of this on to you if they are competing with others for the job.

Also, research and buy your appliances separately. Depending on your fitter’s suppliers, they may be able to get them cheaper than you buy them direct. Don’t get them through Howdens.


Is it one of those self cleaning ones??


Pyrolytic? We have one of those and it wasn’t anywhere near that much. Probably for the reason Marckee states: Sexybum is being given flat rates not trade discounts.


Such a good word.

We went for a cheapo oven and hood in the end. Oven was still pretty well rated on Which, mind. The washing machine, fridge/freezer and hob were all best buys and I thought as we use them the most it was worth splashing the cash for them.


Yeah. The ones that get really bastard hot. Always wanted to give one a go.


I had to get completely pyrolitic once I saw that quote. :beer:


Cheap hoods til I die, frankly.

Also, those glass ones are okay but in places with them I have a habit of smacking my head off the edges.


It seemed that the only difference between a cheap hood and a ££ one was: cheap hoods are noisier? IDK. We got one for like £70! Looks alright too – it’s basically unbranded. We have two massive windows in the kitchen so I’m not too worried if it turns out to be shite.

Really just want it to be finished now, but that means we’ll have to paint and I can’t be arsed quite frankly. Might get someone in to do it.


you all have kitchens that look the same


I tried to break the mould and go for something like this

but it’s really hard to get this sort of thing from Magnet


What do you mean?


Show us yours, then.




You’re right. I think in a bid to get something that won’t look dated, people’s tastes have gone towards stuff that is pretty clinical - white units, grey or white tiles, wood worktop - so we don’t have kitchens that look like our mums. They’ll look dated as f**k in a few years.


They’re fashionable now - they won’t be in n years. Literally true of pretty much everything.