Kitchen design thread



Apparently that metro tile design we went for is already out of fashion, but I thankfully don’t give a fuck.


that’s good, it means it will probably be back IN fashion at some point during the kitchens working life.



Also, it’s a bloody kitchen. I want it to be functional and have lots of space for things and lots of worktop space and I fucking love white tiles and black grouting, so IDWIW. I couldn’t give a shit if someone thinks its a bit naff in ten years time when we sell, because for now it’s our home and we’ll be using it every day and I want it to look nice for us, now, not some someone else in the future.

I also want the same tile design in the bathroom, but I might go for square tiles instead.


I haven’t felt so moved since I watched Jerry Maguire.


Love that film.


You had me at


slightly related, we still haven’t sorted our oven out because I want a new kitchen but also want to knock a wall down and make a big kitchen/dinner and build a wall to separate out a music room. But Mr S says for the money we’d spend we might as well just move - when i get a job obviously.

might take some pictures in a bit and see what people think, will have to tidy up first though


Done… kind of. The builder hasn’t finished it very well :frowning:

Pleased with the design / cupboards though.


whats up? bit of paint, wipe the tiles/grout away… looks real nice.


Small bits which look terrible: bits of door frame / skirting boards missing, floor is spongey near external door, ceiling isn’t really ready for painting, loads of other little bits. It feels super petty but we specifically agreed with him that he’d leave it totally finished ready for painting, and he hasn’t.


urgh, that’s annoying! hope it gets sorted with minimal fuss/stress :frowning:


Super annoying cos I just wanna get in there and start painting it cos I’m fucking fed up of not having a kitchen :cry:

Might even get someone in to do it at this point tbh, really convinced we’ll make a total mess of it.


:slight_smile: theres no shame in getting a pro to do it, as much as itd only take an hour for you to - by the time you’ve cleaned the brushes and the hassle… if you’ve got the money - why not. and it might prove to be a good tester to suss out if the painter could handle a bigger/expensive job.


We want to do the other rooms, as they will be straightforward I think, and we can remove all furniture before doing it, but painting around the cupboards and that just feels like we could fuck it up loads.


if you can live with it long enough, you could do the kitchen/bathroom in one go. theres usually not that much to paint compared to other rooms and im guessing both would be done in white with the mould proof paint


Yeah we’ve already got the paint. I was under the impression that you shouldn’t really cook in a kitchen which hasn’t been painted but maybe I’m totally wrong there.


I don’t like the blind


The blind will be going in the bin this weekend.


I love it!!11


I don’t like the man