Kitchen design thread



I love him!


like it (it’s rather similar to the look we’re going for) (which means if provincial northerners are doing it, it’s clearly soooo out of fashion)


You just have to get what you like now don’t know you ? What’s cutting edge in kitchen design now will still be naff in a few years. How can anyone pick a truly timeless design


Yeah, course. I just like how peoples tastes change.[quote=“plasticniki, post:272, topic:10461”]
Might even get someone in to do it at this point tbh, really convinced we’ll make a total mess of it.

Just remember to do a mist coat on new plaster or it’ll peel off.

The thing with any DIY, or professional job for that matter, is that you will think it looks shit no matter what. Everything in my house annoys me, and everyone else’s looks great. That’s just the way it is.


People try to do it by having something based on a white void, which in theory can’t go out of fashion because it’s just a white void.


A decent builder should come back to deal with snags - especially if they’re that small.


Hilariously he’s also left a shitload of rubbish in the garden, and still has our keys, despite saying “oh I’ve finished now, please pay me”.

I just want it finished and done.

^hah. It feels somehow worse today because I had a shitty morning. Last night I was more “this is okay, it can all be sorted”.


I find if they’re small, they’re even harder to get done. The builders will inevitably have started another job and getting them back round is like pulling teeth.


That’s why you should always try and have a proper contract and pay them after they’ve completed the works. If you have to pay them up front (which isn’t unreasonable if they have to order in materials), make sure you have a retention tied into them completing snags/defects, and make it big enough that they will want to come back to complete them.


fuck noisy hoods though


Yeah obviously, but you’re dealing with builders - it never works out like that. How many snagging rounds 'til they get it spot on? It’s never one. And how granular do you get?


I get very granular


Yes, I can imagine.

I guess it depends on the size of the job. We did a rear extension and it was a nightmare - took ages and I just wanted them gone. The decorator was meant to do a few little bits like seal round the edges of the bifold doors, replace a tile the boiler guy had to remove etc etc. We had held a bit of cash back, but in the grand scheme of the price, it’s not worth it to them. So I could either wait a few weeks for him to come back, or do it myself.


Oh, I assumed that granular was a autocorrect of anal and was making a joke.


A music room? Is this your long-awaited debut LP or are you just going to start with some killer mixtapes?


all kitchens should have tiled floors, sorry.


Spongey? How? I mean if they’re the same as our flooring it’s laid on a sort of foam bottom and it’s got a little bit of creak/give? I’d guess this might mean the floor was uneven in that corner so there’s a bit more of it? :frowning:


Personally I’m more of a polished concrete sort of guy but having that on our floor would have been a nightmare.


Probably means that the strips are just a little too long in that area, meaning it rises up a little.


you like your kitchens to look like small european airports do you?