Kitchen design thread



good find, those are really nice


I have the absolute blandest of tastes and no sense of interior design style whatsoever, but I know I really like those tiles!


I like that they come as a hexagon. I though each hexagon was 3 pieces and the thought of putting them up made me feel woozy.


I saw this Kitchen in the window of my local Magnet on the way home last night.

This is exactly the kitchen I want. I bet it’s stupidly expensive though. I’m tempted to get a quote but I don’t want to waste their time. Do want it though.


Guys we did our second coat of paint today.

You can’t see it here but you get the idea of the kitchen. I love it.


It looks like we’re finally going to bite the bullet and get a new kitchen.

We needed to get anew kitchen tap, which when fitted cracked the sink, which has been temporarily fixed, but it won’t last long.

Also a few weeks ago I saw homes under the hammer where they were really slagging off some tiles which they estimated to be 30 years old. We’ve got the same tiles.

Had a look round Wickes, Homebase, Ikea and Wren Kitchens tonight. Saw a lovely one in Wrens. They are coming to measure properly on Thursday night and the following week we’re going in to get a design.

Going to try and visit Magnet and Howdens too.

Here are our own measurements.


Magnet will be about 5 times the price of everything else you see, then they’ll do you a double glazing style offer where they give you two thirds of it for “free”. They do have some nice things I didn’t see elsewhere though.


Yeah apparently you also end up paying about 40% of the price quoted by Wrens.

There’s a Magnet place over the road from me, so I may as well get a quote for comparison at least.


Building a kitchen is the funnest thing ever.



Yes. Get a tradesmans to get a quote, or go direct to the trade bit if you’re doing it yourself.

We got a quote from Magnet and it was obscene compared to everywhere else we looked. Our builder went in and asked for the same thing, and it was a third of the price. I don’t understand their business model.


Were you the person who recommended a builder from Mitcham/Wimbledon way? If so would you mind PMing me his details? I’ve got some other recommendations but planning on three quotes.

There’s a Benchmarx and Howdens in Kenley which is just down the road. So I think we’ll get quotes from Wren, Magnet, Howdens and Benchmarx (trade arm of Wickes?).

I’m ruling out B&Q and Wickes directly due to two horror stories from friends. Same said for Homebase, we only looked yesterday due to being there for something else.


Getting those quotes will be quite a lot of work (for you) in itself. I’d narrow it down a bit further based on recommends.


I think you might be right.


Our kitchen work started yesterday. Knocking through two rooms to make a bigger space, so a fair amount of building work required as well as the kitchen fitting itself. Went with Wickes in the end, having preferred their design over Wren’s. Prices were pretty much the same. Going to be a couple of weeks (hopefully!) of disruption but cannot wait for it to be finished. Oh to finally have an electric oven again over that gas monstrosity that only cooked parts of food items…

Plumped for the Sofia range:


I do like that handleless look, it’s pretty much the kitchen we want but probably with Wrens or Benchmark. Did you get your own builder or are you using Wickes to install it?


Got our own builder who’s a friend. Another reason why we chose Wickes as he has fitted their kitchens before so is used to the materials, etc. Also means he can do the building work as well as the fitting.


Had ours done a while back but haven’t put any wall Tiles in yet
Thoughts on potential wall tiles?


looks good like that. maybe just put some upstands in to protect the wall.

EDIT and tile behind the cooker I guess


well nice, that.

similar to ours:



I’m not a fan of subway tiles, but they might look okay.

A full glass splashback would look odd against that worktop, I think.

Maybe get a glass or stainless steel splashback behind the hob and a little upstand around the back of the worktop, perhaps?