Kitchen design thread



This is the exact worktop we’ve picked out from Benchmarx (which is the trade arm of Wickes). It does look really nice. If you have any other problems ask your builder if he’s got a Benchmarx trade account.

We’ve definitely ruled out Wren and Magnet, as the quotes were ridiculous.

It’s now between Benchmarx with one builder, (which we’ve got a design done but are waiting the quote from the builder) and Howdens with another who we are meeting on Saturday.


they’re nice. not seen those before.


It all feels so close now. Flooring went down yesterday and they started constructing some of the units. Really hope the worktops arrive today as planned, then we may actually have a working kitchen by the weekend. Our builder did look for the worktops with the companies he uses, but sadly none of them stocked them. Guess they are a pretty new design, and in high demand.

Still no excuses for Wickes not having them in stock when we placed the order back in June!


There is every indication so far that you are truly going to have some beautiful kitchens!


Someone at work just told me that they paid £21k for a kitchen.

£6700 for the units from Howdens
£2400 for quartz worktops from a “cheap” place in Beckenham.
The rest wall tiles, flooring and labour.

That’s ridiculous right?

I was hoping for sub £12k but we’d only be going with laminate.


How long is a piece of string?

Depends on what you’re doing. I think ours was about £12K for a Howdens kitchen, including Bosch appliances and tiled flooring, with a Hi-Macs worktop, Glass splashback, Franke sink, Grohe tap, plaster reskim and paint, but we had builders in doing a lot of other stuff as well, so there are probably economies of scale in effect.

We had the equivalent of 8 x 600mm base units with 8 wall units above, as a rough guide.


I know. His didn’t include appliances, but did have a quartz worktop and tiled floor, he said he is builder was recommended by Howdens and he did no research, his kitchen sounds smaller than ours which is roughly 3.5m x 4m.

What’s you’ve got is basically what I’m planning on for my £12k. So hopefully I wasn’t being too unrealistic.


Ah, if it was a builder recommended by Howdens, that’ll probably be it.

As I think I mentioned upthread, work out which supplier you want to use, and then go to three different fitters for quotes. That way they are much more likely to pass on their ‘trade discount’ to you.


I’ve got the three fitters lined up now. One being the one that @CHAIRMAN_LMAO recommended a couple of weeks back. It was slightly awkward when he asked who recommended him and I had to look at the private PM’s from @CHAIRMAN_LMAO to remember his real name.

That fitter only lives a couple of miles from me, so he might be perfect.


I got the first quote from Benchmarx earlier. It includes appliances and a laminate worktop but comes in at £10,847. That doesn’t include the tiles and labour. Seems pricey?

The builder seems really nice though, the second builder came too just for a chat, he’s booked us in for Howsdens but I’m bit sure about him.

Would I wasting Builder’s time to get one builder to quote with Benchmarx, another builder with Howdens and another with Magnet?
Or just pick the builder first and get him to get the three quotes?


@CHAIRMAN_LMAO Steve has been round, seemed a really nice guy and a lot more knowledgable and detailed than the other builders.

Dependant on cost I reckon we’ll be going with him. His spreadsheets look daunting though.

He also prefers Wimbledon Magnet, so I’m just going to have to pop in The Trafalgar.

I’ve got a Howdens visit tomorrow with another builder, feels as if I’ll be wasting their time now, but obviously I need a comparison.

Ruled out Benchmarx now although they reckon they can get the initial £10k quote down to £6k when I mentioned Howdens.

Anyway time for the pub.


Does this work? It’s pretty much finished now. A couple of decorating bits to touch up, but really happy with how it’s turned out:


Worked for me. Lovely clean finish. Looks great.


Ah, yeah. Nice. Very nice indeed.

Did you say the classic ‘new kitchen’ thing? “Right - lets keep this oven really nice and new. We’ll clean it every week”


Ah, good stuff! Steve’s a good guy.

Let us know if you plan a Traf trip. I’m nearby and Sat afternoons during my son’s nap time are when I often drop in.


Looks good. I like that worktop in particular.


Will do. Although I’ve just been to Howdens via another builder, and the designer recognised me, turned out we went to the same school (a year apart, twenty odd years ago). I didn’t recognise him, but apparently I look exactly the same as when I was 16. His design was pretty decent.



That looks very nice indeed, the exact units and colour we want, plus it looks like the same hob as well (AEG)?

If it’s not too rude to ask how my much were those units roughly? As your kitchens bigger than ours.


This is the basic look, if anyone’s interested.


Do your doors open inwards, or outwards?