Kitchen design thread



Door to the hallway slides on the other side.

Door to the outdoors inwards, but it’s hardly ever opened as it opens to the side of the house. We enter the garden via the lounge which is at the back. Kitchens at the front.


Ah, okay. You may need to put something on the fridge freezer door or the wall to stop it getting bashed around, and I’d do a double check on the fridge/freezer doors as some of them need to open by more than 90 degrees for the drawers to slide out.

Also, I’d slide the sink along by a unit - there’s not much space to the right of the hob, and you want that clear of dirty washing up and a draining board.

Ideally you want a number of worktop zones:

  • area for getting stuff out of fridge
  • area for quick cup of tea/coffee (usually the same as above)
  • area for dirty washing up/compost hopper
  • sink + drainage board
  • food prep to one side of oven/hob
  • dishing up area to other side of oven/hob.


Yep, AEG hob. It’s pretty impressive. Never seen a pan of water boil as quick!

Units came to just over 8k, and yeah, there are a lot of them.

Just git to put everything back in the cupboards now, but I’m leaving that to the missus because there’s no way I’ll get it right in her eyes.


Good point about the freezer, I’ll see if they can put a small filler panel at the end so it’s not against the wall.

Those plans were from yesterday, we went in today and changed it so the sinks further over and more central with the window. Won’t get that until Monday.

This is that corner at the moment,


Getting there. I think we’re going with Magnet Trade. Hopefully with @CHAIRMAN_LMAOs builder. Both he and Magnet Trade seemed so much more clued up.

Magnet have come in at £6600 and Howdens at £6300. Benchmarx originally came in at £10800, although that included appliances, but they were only worth about £1800. And they’re design was crap compared to the rest.

Just need the builders quotes now.


Dudes, how are you getting quotes from Howdens without having a builder already?


I’ve already got builders. Infact I’ve got three.

One is quoting with Benchmarx, another with Howdens and another with Magnet.

I might be going OTT on the research and comparing though.

Although someone from work went to Howdens without a builder and they recommended one for them, but I wouldn’t recommend that, his builder was crap apparently.


I had two builders give quotes so far, and one mentioned he has an account at my local Howdens. I then asked for his details so I could get a kitchen designed, but he wouldn’t give them to me because I haven’t selected him and am still getting quotes. Am I doing something wrong, or is he being a dick? And regardless, what do I do now?


He’s being a dick.


Also it’s why I went with three builders with theee different suppliers, each builder knows I’m getting three quotes. If I went with three suppliers with one builder they’d be no incentive for him getting a better price.

Benchmarx are definitely happy with you sorting a builder later, but they won’t give you the price until you have.


One more thing we haven’t got the actual builders quotes yet as they need to know the design before they can quote, which seems the opposite to yours.


On what terms did you request a quote?

If you’re looking for a design and a fitter, I would say to the people you’ve asked for quotes that you will select your preferred fitter on the basis of:

  • their price
  • their workmanship/reliability
  • their availability
  • their proposals in terms of units and design.

That way they have to submit all of those (but make it clear that there needs to be scope for design development)

In an ideal world you’ll have a design and a preferred unit supplier before you go out to get quotes, and then the fitters can compete against each other via their trade discounts. However, if you’re not able to do that, I’d suggest the path above.


I originally got quotes for several different jobs, including kitchen refit, boiler replacement and bathroom work, because I needed to know whether I could afford to do everything or not. We didn’t have anything in terms of kitchen design at this point, and I got the impression it was a bit of a waste of their time quoting since they had no idea what we wanted.

So now that we know we should be able to afford it, we want to get a kitchen designed for people to actually know what they’re fitting and therefore give a proper quote.


Howdens have now dropped the price to £5750, which now puts doubts back in my mind as I’d decided on Magnet.

Howdens includes a worktop and sink at £5750, Magnet was £6600 but sourcing our own worktop and sink,

Benchmark are out the equation.

Need to make my mind up.


Howdens are good for units, but I’d be careful of their sinks and taps (and appliances). Try to find out exactly what they’ve priced for - they’ll have included for the cheapest they can, and with taps that can be a false economy.


They’ve sent over a full breakdown, it’s the sink we chose in the showroom a black composite. We’ve already got the tap.

I’m getting the appliances from AO.


Oh, that’s fine then. Their composite sinks are decent.

To be honest, there’s minimal difference between the quality of the cabinets of Howdens and Magnet, in fact you might get a better finish with the former as their build seem to be a bit more ‘fitter-friendly’.

What was it about Magnet that you preferred?


Can you not take the quote to magnet and say… guys I want you but take a look at this…


I think it’s actually the builder linked with Magnet that I preferred over the Howdens builder. The designs are pretty identical, and I probably slightly prefer Howdens due to the very subtle shade of grey.


Yeah I’ll say to the Magnet builder that I prefer him, but show him the Howdens price to see if he can get any more discount.

I’m probably pissing everyone off.