Kitchen design thread



Benchmarx are absolute jokers. Theyve reduced their quote from £10800 to £5999 after saying ideally my budget around £6000 and thats what Howdens had come in at without haggling.

They took the appliances off but i valued them at under £2k.

Plus theyve still missed stuff in the design.




I did, especially as they chased me the following day to see if I’d made a decision, highlighting I have to be quick as the sale ends soon.

I’ve finally decided to go with Howdens and I’ve decided on the builder. The chap that @CHAIRMAN_LMAO recommended seemed a great guy, but his quote was over double the price of the other two builders who came in within £50 of each other. He probably would do a better job, and came up with a more detailed quote, but I couldn’t justify the cost. I was kind of expecting him to be more pricey has he mainly does extensions and bigger jobs.


It looks like the builder will probably start on the 13th November. We can also pay Howdens directly which is reassuring, and the builder wants no money until the work is complete.

We are not getting the worktop from Howdens, as there is nothing I like. We had considered a local Granite/Quartz place, but I wasn’t sold on it and it was out of our budget.

We had decided to get a good quality laminate from here, but they won’t deliver to our address as the road is too narrow. They can deliver to the nearest main road and we carry it back, I’m considering asking my barber who I’m pally with, if I can get it delivered there as its easily walkable. But I’m not sure if that would be weird or not.


Not weird. Go for it.




I seem to have accidentally invited an architect to come round to my house this weekend and discuss our “ideas” about redoing our kitchen.

We’ve been stalling on this for ten years. I have no idea how I let my guard slip. This could get expensive.


Need to propose to the landlord what work we need done to the kitchen. New fridges and countertops anyway. This is going to be fun.


Who do you think you are, Ed Miliband?!


We currently have one small fridge freezer in the void under our stairs right outside the kitchen and one ancient fridge freezer in the kitchen so it’s not so much a Miliband of a situation as a clusterfuck.


I’m still jealous. It’d be great if I was hanging up my coat, or looking for my drill, and suddenly felt like having a piece of cheese.


When I moved in I used the fridge under the stairs for beer and beer alone as the girls I lived with weren’t using it and my ATD wasn’t eating. A full fridge, all for myself, all for beer. those were the days.


It will do, but I think I’ve got an reasonable deal. Our new kitchen is currently sat in the garage. The builder should be starting next week, it was going to be this week, but he wants to finish his last job which has overrun a little.

I’m so paranoid, hoping that I’ve made the right decision on various aspects. I can’t wait for it to be over.


The price of the actual kitchen is a pretty minor consideration for us. To be honest I’d be happy going to Ikea and building it myself, I’ve done it before, although I’m sure we won’t. Expensive comes in when we start considering all the new building work, fancy windows and doors, and if we allow the development to spread through our whole ground floor.


Yeah we just got.

New units, worktops, new ceiling and lighting, electric rewiring including new fusebox, new flooring, tiling walls and decorating and new appliances

All in about £15k


I’m assuming £100K (which we can’t afford) on the basis that anything lower than that will look like a victory and that if it costs more than that we won’t do it :smiley:

We’re aiming to effectively build two more new rooms, so I’m expecting to feel the pain, but then again the architect is a friend of my brother’s, so hopefully we can manage our expectations nice and early.


The chap that @CHAIRMAN_LMAO recommended really knew his stuff, but we didnt go with him as we realised our project was probably too small for him as mainly does kitchen extensions and building new rooms and his price for smaller project reflected that. Might be suitable for you though.


So are you thinking of doing a rear extension? They do work out pretty expensive, but obviously depends on what you do and the size of your house. We have a small Victorian terrace and ended up spending about £60K on everything. But it made the house so much better (IMO).


Rule of thumb these days is £1500/m2 for a basic finish and £2000/m2 for a high spec finish for extensions EXCLUDING the cost of kitchen units and any sanitaryware that you might also need. Add on £5000 for a big swanky bi-fold level threshold door to the garden too.


I didn’t do a maths degree just so I could spend my time on my 1500 times table :wink:

In all seriousness though I’m aware of those rules of thumb. I’ve probably even done the rough calculations at some point in the past, I forget. But this project is so vaguely defined at the moment that even making the first budget estimates is a bit premature. It’ll be interesting to see what the architect makes of it. For the moment I’m concentrating on coming up with a list of defining principles (usage zones etc) to fire at him.