Kitchen design thread



Yeah - get bi-fold doors! Great in the summer.


Well this is where the fantasy starts creeping in, but yes that’s certainly one of the key areas. The basic idea is to create what is effectively a summer day space. We have quite a large garden, I like watching the nature and Mrs F likes her gardening, so we definitely need a room that connects to the garden very directly (and widely). And bifolds are where people go for that, with their very deep pockets…


This is the one thing I regret not doing. Our lounge/front room is actually at the back of the house and is pretty large. Our kitchen is at the front with nice views over the valley.

When we moved in 7 years ago, we had really old windows but they did cover the whole back wall, floor to ceiling. We replaced them with new double glassing and central doors. But I really wish we’d gone for the bifold doors as we got what could be nice little courtyard walled garden for outdoor dining, I reckon once the kitchen and bathroom are done, we’ll rip those out and replace them.


No going back now. The old kitchen is being ripped out.

What have we done.


Huzzah! I’m sure it’ll go swimmingly.

We had our architect round yesterday for a first visit and almost immediately he came up with an idea that a) we’ve never even thought of and b) we really like the sound of. So that’s one of the things they’re for then!

Looks like my pockets are going to start emptying.


so what was the idea?


Yeah it’ll be fine. Seem really nice guys too.
The biggest challenge so far has been getting the skip delivered, as our road is really narrow and he couldn’t get through. He had to reserve back and come in from the other end.


Couldn’t live without double fridges and freezers, so that I can keep my anchovies and other smelly food away from blander foods/ the baby’s food. It also means you can have one fridge slightly colder and put all the beers etc in that one. And of course the space because I am a condiment hoarder.


Urgh this could get messy.

Our road is a sort of oval, so some of the houses don’t sit on rectangular plots. This includes ours, which is sort of trapezoidal, with the short end at the front of the house widening out to about twice as wide at the end of the garden. Same goes for our next door neighbours where we both have awkward unusable triangular driveways. Basically the architect’s idea was to extend in parallel with the boundary, rather than parallel to the existing house wall, and also make part of the back face of the extension face at an angle into the garden, creating a semi-courtyard type of effect whilst also cleverly facing that part of the extension more towards the south.

A really simple idea, but opens up lots of possibilities for how we use the extension space, whilst also using our dead space in a clean organised way that would look natural from the garden and the road. Also good for privacy with the neighbours (both ways). Weird how a non-architect brain finds it hard to think of rooms in anything other than rectangle shapes, no matter how hard you think about it.


Even though they shut the kitchen door while working the dust seems to get everywhere doesnt it?

Day 1 - kitchen gutted and skipped.
Day 2 - New electic cables laid, ceiling boarded, and floor up so just joists.

Tomorrow a new fusebox was supposed to be going in but the electricians wifes caecarian had been bought forward and one if the builders has a hospital appointment so nothing happening tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to going to my parents at the weekend.


Yep, the dust was horrendous for our kitchen. The rubble was insane!!


I can’t help but be cynical whenever something like this comes up in a building project, but that is an excellent reason in fairness. Good luck electrician’s wife!


I’m sceptical, but I couldn’t really argue. Obviously if more excuses start I’d say something. But im sure its fine, and they only want paying on completion, so theyve not got my money yet and this morning they were here at 7:45.


This is key - you’ve probably got a decent bunch if they’re doing this without up front payment.


Yes they seem good sorts. The guy with the medical appointment turned up afterall, as its not until the afternoon so hes doing a half day. He seems a really nice guy, but is the double of Karl Pilkington.

They’ve also got the gas safe fitter coming today which they are paying for, i just pay at the end.

It does seem really good, he even said if im not happy at the end, I don’t pay to I am. Seems really trustworthy as whilsts there’s horror stories about builders running off with the cash, equally someone could refuse to pay.


Aye. Thing is (as you’ve no doubt worked out), if they’re paying for materials and subcontractors themselves, they’ve got an incentive to finish it properly and keep you happy.


The kitchen walls and ceiling have been skimmed so it’s starting to look better.

But when the put some new plug sockets in the walls popped on the front room as the wall plugs too long.

Ive got loads of spare wallpaper. Hopefully they’ll rectify it.






Looks like we’re biting the bullet and starting off with our project, or at the least going through the design and planning permission stages.

I’m finding myself biting my nails a bit about how Brexit might become a factor. I’d have thought it’d be tight for us to get a build underway for next summer, which would mean we’d be looking to spend a tonne of money immediately after the exit, maybe with a firm of builders that might then go under. I think I’m being a bit paranoid, but this seems early to get cold feet…