Kite Surfing

Anyone done it before?

Looks like fun, but logistically a little tricky to get started.

Doing a course soon and got a work trip at the end of May where I’ll be doing it again in the UK, of all places.

Is it worth doing the IKO courses? A lot of places don’t seem to let you hire stuff unless you have.

Gone off this idea now


What happened?

The course got postponed, then the work trip they changed the activity and then I forgot about it till japes linked to it

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Kite surfers always seem like failed surfers don’t they. Not good enough to ride the waves properly so they’ve stuck a parachute on to tow them. Not for me.

it’s a hobby that you can only do in quite specific weather conditions which must be really annoying

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Not really, looks more like you’re doing two difficult things at once

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well the surfing bit would definately be difficult. Not sure about holding onto a kite and being dragged though.

There’s a car parked near my flat which has a baby on board style sticker in the back window, except instead of baby on board, it’s a cartoon of a kid kite surfing and it says “Kite surfer in training!”

One of the more niche products I can imagine existing, always wonder if it’s one those algorithmically generated things.

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