man with shit opinions in having shit opinion shocker. :roll_eyes:

I mean he’s wrong but he’s not that wrong

I remember having my first one and thinking “well these things aren’t gonna stick around long are they”

Were you really hungry?


might as well just eat an entire multipack of plain club biscuits if you’re that interested in disappointment.


I actually think they’re the most mediocre one you can buy and that’s even worse. Like if you get something comically bad you can at least laugh about it, but what is there to say about a KitKat Chunky? It’s beige in chocolate bar form.


Not bad

@plasticniki I’m getting upset.

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This. Perfectly serviceable but have only bought them in the last decade when at a non league football ground and the snickers have sold out

What was the one we had that said we had to put it on the oven? Creme brulee rings a bell…

here’s what’s wrong with the kitkat chunkie:

  1. the balance of chocolate and wafer is completely wrong
  2. the shape is unpleasant and unwieldy to get into your gob to try and make up for the poor chocolate/wafer balance decision.
  3. they’re too big for what they are
  4. they’re made by Nestle

ha yeah crème brulee ones! I didn’t even know! :open_mouth:
still got some of those at home actually :thinking:

Yorkies are bloody disgusting. How can they fuck up plain chocolate. Horrible powdery mess + sexist


Yorkie’s joint worst - you don’t have to put up with the disappointing wafer problem but then I’m not going to buy a chocolate bar that says NOT FOR GIRLS on it

I can imagine KitKat Chunkys are just incredibly dry because of all the additional biscuit. Surely it would hurt your teeth to penetrate the chocolate as well?

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You end up with so much wafer dust when you eat a Kit Kat Chunky


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Love it when a thread backfires

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I don’t like Kit Kats