Which is it?

  • Chocolate bar
  • Biscuit

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don’t know why anyone would say biscuit here tbh


2 finger- biscuit
4 finger- chocolate bar
Chonky- chocolate bar

It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t have to make sense.


I will give you the chunky as a chocolate bar because the ratio of chocolate to wafer (and that other shit in it) is higher but the standard KitKat the ratio of chocolate is way too low to be a chocolate bar c’mon now.

It’s definitely a chocolate bar imo. Now I really want a kit kat…

Ok so we know a Club is a biscuit given the infamous catchy slogan “If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our club”.

Clubs have more chocolate than a KitKat. You cannot deny the logic here.

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it’s in the chocolate bar aisle

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there’s not even any biscuit in a KitKat




It’s in a chocolate bar format, the contents are secondary. Like really a caramel chocolate digestive and a Twix are pretty similar in terms of chocolate/biscuit/caramel, but no fool’s ever gonna call a Twix a biscuit.


Yeah but is it tho?!

If you buy a pack of 8 or whatever they’re with the biscuits right?

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they’re with the other small individually wrapped chocolate bars (the Penguins etc)

Kit Kat straddles both worlds. Embrace the ambiguity. Don’t be so rigid and uptight in your thinking


I wonder if a cat has ever eaten a Kit Kat

Would be better if we got good flavours. Tried the zebra one not long ago and it was disgusting


Being told you are uptight is really annoying but it feels good to tell others that they are uptight


There’s cat food called kite cat, they used to sponsor my gymnastics club

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oh yeah I remember that! i wonder if anyone ever got confused between the two

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i tried this and it just tasted like a dark chocolate kitkat, pointless.

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More evidence: I will dip a KitKat in my tea but I don’t dip a chocolate bar in my tea.