Also, it’s a fact maybe, mostly my opinion that 4 finger kitkat’s taste much better than 2 finger kitkat’s.

i’ve dipped a Twix

Yeah cause that’s what you do with biscuits

Me too, I often dunk a twix. The white chocolate twix’s in particular taste delicious dunked in tea.

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I bet you have you filthy devil


Penguins are biscuits though. As are clubs.

That’s because both are biscuits covered in (fake) chocolate.

Kitkats are chocolate bars because they’re real chocolate, albeit not Cadbury’s, covering a wafer.


oh here we go

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I really want a Kit Kat or a twix now . And a tea

imo they’re bar shaped and covered in chocolate, they’re bars

biscuits come in a packet like this and don’t have wrappers

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VAT categories won’t help us here by the way so everybody just keep them to yourself

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Your opinion is shit.:wink:

Is a cracker a biscuit? :thinking:

I agree: whether we call them chocolate bars or biscuits I would eat a whole vat of them.

Good grief

They’re rubbish is what they are.

no, those are crackers.

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What about a Boost cowboy?

just checked the database. and you’re not far off

kit kats (finger style) are biscuits, theyve got a lower level product group of 5707

for example looked up mars bars and they’re under “GI CONFECTIONERY 1”.
kit kat chunkys are LLPG of 5706… so are GI confectionery 1!


all the boosts came up as GI CONFECTIONERY 1, so although they may contain biscuit pieces, it is a chocolate bar.

yes, crackers are biscuits. (LLPG 6727)

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Wait a minute.

I think the exact opposite.

Caveat - European kitkats might be different?

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