🇮🇪 Kneecap 🇮🇪

Album is out next week. Did a session on BBC R1 last night.
Thought we could do with a thread.


One of my current students is Irish, and last week was explaining that she used to run a theatre company back in Ireland for kids from less-privileged backgrounds. She was telling me about this one particular student who had done so well in turning his life around, how he’d been in trouble with the law, but since then he’d been in a film that won a prize at the Sundance Festival, and his hip-hop group were doing really well too. The penny still hadn’t dropped, so I asked what they were called and she was like

Oh what was it again now, let me check my phone… Oh that’s right, Kneecap. They’re called Kneecap.




Best thing I saw at TGE, one of the few bands to openly talk about the Palestine occupation (plus the bombing of the Grand Hotel) and managed to get a Brighton crowd pumped up at 3pm which is no mean feat

Also royally pissed off the bouncers by goading the huge queue outside the venue to force their way in and give them their drugs


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Official movie trailer

A little bit worried that the album will be naff

we’ll always have gael gigolos tho

“daoine deas é when you get to know them”

not to take anything away from them, but very few Irish acts don’t


B*witched have been pretty quiet on this

And everything else

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C’est la vie


Getting good reviews!

Encouraging fans to storm into a venue even if half joking is incredibly stupid and can lead to deaths and serious injury.
Nothing funny about that in any circumstance.


This lot are going to be a punchline by the end of the year. That’s far too much hype.


Playing the biggest venue in town already. Bloody hell.

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They’ve been around the best part of a decade tbf

So have a lot of bands :smiley:
Thinks their first track was 2017-18ish?
The uptick in popularity over the past year or two is quite something.

We played before them at Body And Soul 2018 and they had quite a crowd even then.

(I sat at the back of the tent and watched Germany scrape a win against Sweden in the World Cup on my phone. Kneecap were fine.)

EDIT: Got my days mixed up, we played at 02:00 that day and then played again the next day before Spekulativ Fiktion and Mankyy.

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Think around that time they’d have been playing the Empire up here.
They’ve done the Ulster Hall aftert that and now this is a big jump up.
I guess it’s equivalent to a Vicar Street/Olympia to 3Arena jump for Dublin.

Headlined Feile an Pobail to 10k last year as well

I was one of those in that tent at Body and Soul 2018, think that was my first time seeing them. They’ve gotten a wee bit more professional since I think