Knife Thread

I’m in the market for a good, all-purpose chef’s knife. Meat, veg, whatever, I want to chop it. I have a knife set that’s a bit battered and I try to keep it sharp with a crappy sharpener thing but I think it’s just a placebo, they always seem to be too dull. What knife are you rocking?

to call for hands of above to leeeeeeeean on


Robert welch 'til I die (stabbed to death)


Link me up, warny.

I really dream of one knife that can just do it all (and never gets blunt). James Martin used to use this small cleaver thing for everything on Saturday Kitchen, but I never found out what it was.

Got Globals - mainly to piss off @fidel_catstro.

Got a very nice IO Shen Chefs Knife 165mm
Had it 10 years. Its brilliant.

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an oldie but a goodie:

The master knife

I’ve got this one:

use it for everything and it’s always sharp. Got it from John Lewis with a couple of Victorinox paring knives as a set and they’re the only knives we use.

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Can recommend this.



How can it always be sharp? Just not possible. You haven’t noticed the gradual journey to bluntness.

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Got this


In blue though. Obvs.

Lost count of the number of times I have sliced fingers open when I am doing the washing up

There’s a bloke down the road from me who sharpens knives for about 20p each. He also cuts keys and sells a range of bags. The walls of his shop are covered in pictures of old boxers and 50s film stars for some reason.

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This is my current kitchen knife-
Says Spectrum on the side which makes me think of Captain Scarlet

I’m saving up for Global’s.

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Looks a bit… small.

I’ve got a magimix now and try and use knives as little as possible.

Basically everything is just grated or very finely sliced now.

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