Knife Thread

Yeah the Welch knives rock. We have the 18" Shantoku or whatever it’s called. Plus another smaller one with a curved blade.

I find the screaming essential to good food prep.

It’s always sharp because I sharpen it.

What is that for, cutting trees or summat?

I bought a Kin one years ago. I haven’t looked after it very well, but it’s probably about 12 years old now and still really sharp. I bought a stone to hone it on, but I don’t think I every really got the knack of it so it’s never been like when it was brand new and could slice through single atoms.


Oh yeah that works

here’s a thread on whetstones (used mine at the weekend)

That’s not a knife thread. This is a knife thread.

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What’s so great about whetstones?

Wusthof Silverpoint. Specifically…

Incredibly good value imo

Me da will talk for hours about knives if you let him, what with him being a chef and all.

Bay Leaf restaurant isn’t too bad. Tootoomoo also, for pan-Asian cuisine. Haven for special occasions. Hudson’s for a burger

Could do with a decent boozer

NB this is a niche joke about the area called Whetstone

Tell me more about this bad boy! That’s a nice lookin’ knife!

I recommend an ice knife


They actually sharpen your knives and I like the word.

Whetstone is where Frank Whittle developed the jet engine.

NB This is a niche piece of trivia about the village called Whetstone.

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I bought it at some food festival we went to yeeeaaars ago. They were selling them at a stand and you could try them out on bits of veg. The thing was insanely sharp. When the salesman told me they were made in the same way as samurai swords, I knew I needed to own this very overpriced knife. Was mocked for the remainder of the day by my GF and mates, but I think it was a good purchase.

This is company…


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the ‘kin’ is short for ‘fuckin’

At a previous job a girl with the surname Kenhard was pregnant and Leechy said she should call the baby Fu!

wish I was called Ken Kenhard