Knife Thread

These do look like very impressive knives.

I lived with someone who had a £500 set of them and they were just so good.


A santuko as your one and only knife, you maverick

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find me a thing - I’ll chop it good.

Got some Joseph Joseph elevates cause I’m a cunt

Another vote for Robert Welch here. This is my go to knife (or maybe it’s the 14cm one):

We’ve also got a longer one, but that doesn’t get nearly as much use.

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I reckon Satuko is going to be the one for me.

Quite curvy, isn’t it?

I think the main reason we got married was to get people to buy us Robert welch knives.

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Yes, but I like it like that - it means that the thicker, middle section of what you’re cutting is getting more knife than the easier edge bits.

Good for chopping but would’ve thought you’re best with a paring knife as a general purpose, no?

10 or 12cm, that would be my recommendation. I have Robert Welch knives and would second that suggestion

Edit: triple that

I got a whole Robert Welch cutlery set when I got married. It was months before we realised that what we had was the set that they make for Pizza Express.

really you want both, tbh.

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Crocodile Dundee

Basically do everything with a 13cm Global except for carving & cutting bread and so on

Reckon you can get by perfectly fine with a good Chef’s knife (for the love of God go to a kitchen shop and hold them!) and a big serrated knife, to be quite honest

Your man Ramsay says feel and weight is most important – i.e. get down to somewhere you can see how they feel in your hands

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^this ^this ^this