Knight Rider

Michael - Clever, strong, handsome
Devon - Clever
KITT - Clever, string, handsome, fast, technical

KARR - Clever, strong, fast, technical, devilish


KITT = Mr Feeny from boy meets world



never seen an episode of this

String theory = clever

Have you said Michael to your mate Mike in the style of KITT? One of my all time favourite activities.

Circa 1982, in the first episode of Knightrider, the detective is shot in the face, and given plastic surgury and a new identity, “Michael Knight.” However, in Season 2, Episode 17, he faces his evil twin “Garthe Knight,” who looks exactly like him.

How can he have an identical evil twin brother for a false identity he assumed?


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asked Nov 11 '11 at 23:03

Jack B Nimble

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His twin Garthe was shot in the face by an evil bullet, was given evil plastic surgery, and a new, evil, identity. – Kalamane Nov 11 '11 at 23:57
^He looks like Ray Fucking Purchase


how do you know I have a mate called Mike??

I often say ‘MICHAEL’ to/about my brother-in-law Michael, in the style of GOB from Arrested Development. That is also a fun thing to do.

I have access to your palm pilot.

Which radio breakfast show (possibly Xfm) was is that used to do lyrics version of instrumental TV theme songs. Remember the chorus to the Knight Rider one was ‘Go Michael Go’.

Tying in with the other thread, they also did an A Team one…

Oh god, I actually know this. It’s because when he had plastic surgery it was based on the bloke who owned kitt at the knight corporations (or whatever it was called) son - Garth. He’s not actually the blokes twin.

Kill me now




please head over to scifi.stackexchange and update the thread accordingly

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Goliath was his awesome evil truck!
He wrecked KITT pretty bad

They have been waiting 9 years on this news, they’ll be overjoyed :laughing:

I refuse to spread my shame any further

Goliath was great. Better than the bad version of KITT, KARR :-1:

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