Knitting 🧶 (also crocheting and etc)

8 days later I’ve caught up with where I was


The yarn doesn’t photograph well but it’s this

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Any particular reason why you’re using those needles rather than circulars? Making me nervous seeing how close the stitches are to the end of the needle :sweat_smile:

I find straight needles easier to knit with. There’s loads of room, I’ve just spread out the stitches there for the photo

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Is it just me who finds circular needles absolutely impossible to knit with :frowning: I haven’t knitted for years but when I did I just couldn’t master them. My tension was always far too tight I think. Such a failure :sob:

Not a failure, just different ways of doing things! I quite like circulars, but I know I thought they were weird when I was first trying them out when I was way younger — especially as I wouldn’t init in the round anyway. But different needles suit different people! There are even rectangular needles now, meant to be better for people with hand pains apparenty.


Anyway I’ve been doing a lot of baby knitting (again) recently as my BFF had her new baby last weekend. Need to put the last finishing touches on some things and then I’ll post them. Right now I’m knitting a hat for myself with reflective yarn:

Bit anxious to see if I have enough of the same colour for the entire hat :sweat_smile:


Reader, she did not.

BUT at least I realised in time it wouldn’t be enough, so using up some other colours of the same yarn for stripes. Good to use up some of the masses of yarn I’ve collected in the last few months!

Finished the hat while filmclubbing. Not that easy to get a good angle for a hat is it!

I keep trying to make the reflecting thread visible without having to use horrid flash but my phone camera isn’t having it

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That is a very excellent hat

Thank you! Actual colours:

Good to have something big enough for my thick head

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