Knitting 🧶 (also crocheting and etc)



Love this thread, thanks for sharing all these projects :relaxed:


This has given me lots of ideas for using gradient yarn in a fairisle jumper

Think I’m going to get some of this as well


Aw that looks amazing :star_struck: I really enjoy doing the white contrast colour, but I’m sure it could work with lots of different ones!

I’ve finished it!! I don’t remember if I really told you about it here but after having almost finished it (like, almost up to the neck) I had to start all over again because of some stupid mistakes I’d been making (in addition to my first attempt at white block hearts not working out, as I know I did post about). So it was slower going in round two, but once I started the fair isle bit I could hardly put it down and I am VERY proud of this. Now for the boring part, to deal with all those loose ends before giving it a wash/block!

I showed it to the little boy who it’s for on facetime the other day (before joining up the arms etc) and his face was pretty much just this emoji: :star_struck: Can’t wait to give the finished sweater to him.


That is so cute, I would definitely be :star_struck: if I saw I was getting that

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Made a quick jellyfish for M. I wish all toys were this fast- took less than 2 hours


I found the loveliest dye I wanted to dye my baby blanket but I’m pretty sure it’s acrylic not wool and apparently can’t be dyed :sob:

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This is amazing!

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Oh nooooeessss :sob:

Extremely excited about this hand dyed cotton


Oh wow that’s beautiful. What’s the plan for it?

No idea! Maybe cowls or something like that


Tonight I’ve finished my absolute best sock to date (not that I’ve made many, but little victories!). Got a couple of days to finish the other one and then I’ll post the pair. :socks:


Making a massive cardigan that should be ready just in time for spring

Just got sleeve 2 and some ribbing on the lapels and then I can sew it up


I messed up the rib at the bottom cos I’m a noob and couldn’t understand what the pattern was telling me to do so I had to make the same mistake on the front two panels, I’ll probably just leave it but if it bothers me I might redo it

Probably nobody else will notice if it matches!