Knitting 🧶 (also crocheting and etc)

Thanks. It’s the swancho by Caitlin Hunter that thousands of people knit about 3 years ago. I’m always late.

One of the things i like best about knit night at wild and woolly shop (re-opening tomorrow - whoop!) is looking at all the different ways people knit because there are people of all ages and from all over the world. The Norwegians who learned in school knit like the clappers - stranded colour work, both yarns in the left hand and often without looking if it’s a well known motif such as selburose.

I recently really enjoyed this book on Britain’s knitted history

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Wish I could say it’s in our genes or something! :sweat_smile: I’ve not yet knitted any selbu patterns, but another very well-known and traditional (although somewhat newer) pattern is Marius, which I did for my first knitted sweater some weeks ago and am now doing for my dress. It’s really pleasant and fun to knit, and I really enjoy doing my own takes on very traditional things (eg., using rainbow gradient yarn for the colourwork on my Marius dress atm).

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Yes, I know the Marius pattern from the Norwegians too! And the beautiful Selbuvotter mittens. Your dress is going to be amazing! I really like using variegated long colour change yarns in colour work patterns and it looks like you’ve got a very similar one to the madly expensive Spincycle which is all the rage with the indie designers now. I’m learning how to how to manage colours when handspinning on my wheel to get a similar effect. It’s called fractal spinning.

Oh by the way, Hazel Tindall, the fastest knitter in the world and the master of fair isle, knits English, pretty sure she mainly uses the knitting belt for the right pin She doesn’t speak on this one but I could listen to her talk for hours. Shetland wool week is on my bucket list.

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Omg I’ll meet you there :sob::sob:

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Getting reeeeaaaaal close now mates!! A few (less than 5) more ends to weave in, and then the other sleeve (despite telling @froglet on insta that it’s sleeveless — decided to add these short sleeves at the end! But at least not long sleeves that get real boring real quick)



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Wow, that’s amazing, such beautiful work! :heart:




Thank you! :grin:

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Finished this one apart from sewing one end in

Still working on this one

Need to start a new knitted one to work on alongside it because my hand gets sore if I crochet too much

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Totally amazing, can’t believe how fast you made this beauty!

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I have a lot of free time these days :joy:

So great, can’t believe its already finished. I’d be delighted if I ever made anything that good

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Amazing, the colour change in the top part is :heart_eyes:

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Making legwarmers, specifically for babies/toddlers in slings as they’re not meant to wear babygros as it’s really uncomfortable and bad for their legs but trousers ride up exposing their lower legs.

I made a nice pair for m that lasted her for years but that was knitted and chunky wool, this is sock yarn and crocheted on a small hook so it’s come in quite small and not that stretchy so think would only be newborn size, but will size up on the next pair.

Love the yarn though, it’s organic hand dyed stuff so a bit pricey.

Think the bobble stitch makes it much cosier looking but then the inside is flat (actually really like the look of it inside out too!)

Right way

Inside out



I’m back on some baby knits now too, after a couple of bigger projects… One of my nerdiest friends (in the best possible way) is expecting, so I’m looking forward to a lot of nerdy pop culture knitting for her little one :nerd_face:

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Oh man, I love this colour, think I’ve got toddler size nailed. Using up a lot more yarn than planned though


Bored of my big projects but can’t stop making things.

Made a little bit of bunting for M’s room and then made some thsirt yarn from one of her old tops and made it into a washing up sponge. Quite liked the loose bits where I’d tied some of the yarn together so have left them dangling out.

Mostly boring but nice quick hits