Knitting 🧶 (also crocheting and etc)

Not to the same standard as most of this thread but tried knitting to relax a couple years ago where I made 3 patches (pink, blue, greeny-yellowy) and then this lockdown decided I should do something with them. So I’m working on this mishapen Frankenstein-blanket thing:

@wasted for scale on the in process orange patch

Feels quite nice to have made something, even if it’s very rough (lots of holes from dropped stitches in the initial patches). Gonna take a break from it and check out crochet when this is done.


Looks awesome! Really want to knit myself a nice colourful blanket at some point. Most standard blankets are too short for me anyway.

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My socks are going to take some time, might be ready by winter 2022 :joy:


My mum knits a good blanket, this is my one which is nice and long (bit worn now as it is 12 years old)


I’m attempting this now! Minus the eyes and teeth as they are crocheted. Also different colours. Never done anything like it so will be exciting to see how it turns out :grimacing::sweat_smile:


Can I put my cross stitch progress in here?

Been doing this for about a month now? Try to do about an hour every couple of days, then put it down for a few days
It’s quite hard/tiring :joy:


that is GORGEOUS, where did you get it from?

I got the pattern from Satsuma street! They’re all soooo nice. I already have the Hawaii one next to do cause I think it’s so cute!

The pattern tells you the codes for the threads and fabric so I ordered those from here:

In total I maybe spent about £25-£30 in total but it’s such a good thing to do like half an hour of every day whilst watching tv? Although I do feel like I may have bitten off more than I can chew :joy:

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I find it really difficult to find modern, colourful cross stitch patterns at the moment so that site is excellent, thanks! I’ve got this:

but struggling to be motivated to do it


I’ve seen this one before and love it! It’s so cool!
I find it easier to just do a little every day when you’ve got someone on that you don’t need to watch. But I do also find some days my brain just isn’t in it and I get a bit confused or make mistakes! I do find it very therapeutic on the days where I’m into it and can do a solid hour or so


@Scout Here’s that reflective yarn! Flash on/flash off


Brilliant. For years I’ve been meaning to make and sell baby leg warmers for kids in slings as it totally baffled me how Malin was the only one (in Manchester at least) wearing them. You shouldn’t wear a baby gro in a sling as its bad for the toes, so you always end up with trousers riding up and a big gap between trousers and socks. This would be perfect for that. Going to start the leg warmers revolution

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Why does yarn have to cost so much sometimes look at this… :drooling_face::star_struck:

Everything on that sites is dreamy

Edit. Preview didn’t work:

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Very proud of these!! :sunglasses:


Just ordered a load of these on offer, with the idea of making scarves as Christmas presents for next year when I should be able to see family at Christmas (if you scroll down there are links to other similar ones)