Knob poll


  • knob
  • nob

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I can’t believe that you’ve made votes private.

Who is this ‘nob’ knob?


wanted to ensure the legitimacy of the results


Oh god, there’s more of them now.

Fucking idiots.

  • Micro
  • Small
  • Average
  • Large
  • Baby’s arm

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bet this gets more replies than my quiz about fuzzy famous paintings. cant be bothered wasting my time on here anymore :sleeping:


Depends on the context.

If used as a way of describing someone’s penis then ‘knob’, e.g. “he didn’t realise his knob was out when he opened the door to the Jehovah’s Witnesses”

If used as an insult (usually graffiti) then ‘nob’, e,g, “MICHAEL IS A NOB”


I liked that thread but I couldn’t guess any of them


This half-right.

Penis/idiot/insult = nob
Thing to open doors, drawers, etc with: knob


Nob in my drawers, knobs on the doors


it was too easy


I got them all but I didn’t want to make all you feel bad.


knob = door knob
nob = you dick


it’s not all you about you, you know!

or is it…


This, @DarwinBabe but also as I was scrolling down my mouse pointer couldn’t avoid hovering over and the ‘blurring’ thing half-unblurs when you do that, meaning I then could see a few clearly.

However, because I’m a philistine I could only say to myself, “Oh yeah, that’s the one my mum had a copy of in the bathroom,” or whatever. Bugger knows the name or who they’re by.



Both results are right depending on circumstance. You fucked this right up.

You nob.


I’ll fuck you right up meight