Check out this chancer:

(Big fan of the pun in the title there)

Seen any other good knock offs recently?
What knock-off company would you set up?


Bonus poll:

  • Chinny reckon mate
  • Crush capitalist monopolies

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If these companies (and their holding companies) pay a fair amount of tax, hear 'em out. If they don’t, fuck 'em, imho.


Bought some of these from Aldi last week


Always this…

Ken’s Fried Chicken empire in Portsmouth


Aye saw a lot on my recent travels. Rodney Fried Chicken being my favourite and then a lot of Nathan For You style Star N Bucks in Bethlehem and Stars & Bucks in Ramallah.


never forget this guy


But do they have terrible jokes on the back of the wrapper?


It’s a common symbol in Portugal, I guess Nandos are arguing that in the UK restaurant scene it’s associated with them, but still:




Quite enjoy how singhsbury got told off by Sainsbury’s and then changed their name to morrisinghs


Knock offs make me feel a bit uneasy




the furniture of law enforcement :clap:


“The furniture of law enforcement”

: D


tbh pretty much everything on that label is genius


this twitter account is awesome for this sort of thing:


Ashens on YouTube does loads of this stuff too. Pretty good for killing time.


He’s very obviously taking the piss with this.

I recently tried to convince my big boss to sue someone who repeatedly patronises me at professional events, because they set up as a sole trader with branding that could reasonably be confused with ours. She didn’t think me deeply disliking them as a person was a good enough business reason to sue.