Knocked up a top 100

Mostly sentimental value, (i.e. does “Rio” deserve to be in the top 100 at the expense of Space Ritual ior any Beatles LP? probably not but tough luck)

Topsters site is here!


I’m also working on one off the back of @midnightpunk 's thread.


Was thinking about doing a everybody do their top 10 thread as well. Might do one this evening (not doing a 100 tho, would take me months)


I’ve knocked up my 100 all timers, I’d quite like to do a thread writing about each one a la MNP but not sure I’d manage to keep it up, as it were.

Plus, I’m quite shit at writing about albums!


If I ever do one (after I’ve listened to all the musics) I reckon I’d need to have over half of it written and ready to tweak/post before I even made a thread. The stress would be too much otherwise.

As for writing, I’m sure you’re not shit. Any hint of passion about the music does it for me. I love reading reviews. I might be odd in that respect, not sure!


I’m working on one as well. Not many people read MNP’s original thread, but everyone who did went out and made a list of their own.


moral of this thread: everyone should listen to Screaming Blue Messiahs

I have to say the one isn’t bad, despite the issues with how albums get ranked -a shorter album with lots of tracks will bubble up more than a long one with few tracks (although that 18 musicians album art is for the single track edition) - but it’s also skewed by an album my daughter plays a lot to go to sleep to and the days years ago when we would play a particular selection of albums to help us go to sleep.


MC 900 ft. Jesus

What can you tell me about Jimmy Webb? Don’t think I’ve ever heard of him

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Rio is better than any Beatles album for sure. Good work!

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The Webbster wrote Wichita Lineman, MacArthur Park, Galveston and many other standards. This album is just him playing his own stuff on piano, in bare feet.

This is his best one IMO

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Think I have mine nailed down.

  • Do a thread!
  • Just post the Topsters tiles mate, there’s enough of these threads now

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Yeah it’s fun to look at but isn’t at all representative of my top/favorite 100 of all time for this reason as well as it only covers part of my life and nothing from my formative years.

There’s a 2020 album I’ve played 3 times start to finish at #15 for example. Just happens to have 44 tracks and many have also come up when shuffling a rotation playlist that includes the album.

I might include a third to a half of the albums shown in the results in a top 100.

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Just made a top 100 but it’s got 110 albums. 3 duplicate artists will get cut, that leaves 7 on the chopping block.

I guess this is the Top 100 Albums of All Time discussion thread now.


sneak a “greatest hits” in

You can build things around the API for Last FM, which is what I tried to do, but there are odd inconsistencies. I basically had to get a DB to pull in all the album data and each album had a GUID associated with it, which allowed for the same album in multiple bonus track formats or whatever. Then would input my own album data with the number of tracks so that I would then divide the number of plays for each album from Last.FM by the number of tracks on the album to get a ‘true plays’ number.

I was doing this every few months and concentrating on recent stuff so it was pretty manageable, but Last.FM kept changing the GUIDs for some reason so I then had to build in the ability to combine albums because otherwise I got the same album showing up multiple times.

Then they changed the API again and the entire codebase failed and I couldn’t be bothered to keep going :smiley:

Don’t think that’s going to help my duplicate artist issues unfortunately. I do have an album included that’s often considered a compilation, but it’s not a best-of.

I remember using a “normalizer” that did just that – adjust album lists based on the number of tracks rather than total plays. I can see why those creating these tools just give up after a while, with the API frequently changing. Anyway this is all beyond my skill level. Would love that for the weekly top albums thread but I’ve just accepted the way it is. Less important when it’s a weekly thing.

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