Knockoff stuff



I love really bad fakes. Reading that Chabuduo article I posted about China reminded me of the time my friend needed some permanent markers. So she bought a packet without looking too closely, and when she got home realised they were not Sharpies as she had thought, but these things, which were utterly crap. Half of them dried out, the other half stinking of solvents.


I’ve got a load of photos of fake stuff. I’ll put some here.


when i lived in tunisia as a kid, there were loads of really naff fakes around the place. my favourites were ‘abibas’ and ‘niker’.


I was on a train in Morocco with a little Amazigh girl who had an amazing lurid pink “Belbie” sweatshirt.


I think this is still my favourite:


Love this one so much


I can imagine Father Dougal thinking this is genuinely what Godzilla is called.


seems legit to me.

has he pissed himself? :confused:


this has done me.





big fan of the silver kneepads!


I think more people should get a motorbike with a giant mould of their own face on the front.


It’s better that it’s facing forwards:



Looks worth a trip to Korea for.


When I was at uni I used to regularly go in a 7-11 that sold cheap fizzy wine caled “Champlain” - the writing was all squiggly to hide their clever substitution





Have actually seen this one in the flesh in Portugal. Was SOOOOOOO tempted to buy it for #bantz, but I spent my money on beer instead


“because he dared to dream, and never stopped believing” :grinning::grinning::grinning: