I learnt a new shoelace tying method last week

Hey Ant



Tag yourself, I’m Fisherman’s Bend

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Tell it to us


Staples the laces to the shoe with a staple gun and then at the end of the day pulls the staples out with some pliers

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two half witches

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you make two loops at the same time and then you intermingle them
duo loop technique

use to know a lot back in my old sailing days but that was a long time ago.

Do you want to know something?

yeas please

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Timber Hitch

I would like my name to be Timber Hitch


Knot’s Landing.

Not 100% sure what it was (US sopa?) but really wanted to post it.

I hate shoelaces.

I hate the way they look when the shoelaces are untucked and I never know why everyone else’s shoelaces don’t look weird but mine do.

Also, they’re always too long, I had to get some new shoes last week for a wedding and the laces were far too long.

Shoelace are bad IMO.

Their new album slaps.