Know what I just had the first time in a decade?

Pack o’ Tutti Fruttis

You mean Tooty Frooties?



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Thought this was going to be a Pop Tart. I leave the thread disappointed.

Quite fancy a pack of Black Jacks now.

Instead of the much superior Fruit Salad? Shame on you ccb.

I smell a poll brewing…

  • Fruit Salads
  • Tory

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Chewy fruit sweets are ten a penny. A Black Jack is a thing of near-unique beauty.


Mmmmmm :heart_eyes:

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But only one uniquely blends raspberry and pineapple in a fantabulous explosion of flavour.

Do you think if, when you were eating that last packet, you’d have known you would’ve eaten them and tried to appreciate it a bit more and taken more time over them?

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This is indelibly linked to Top Secret! in my mind.

Little Richard is THE best thing ever.

Despite voting for the obviously incredible Fruit Salads, I now really, really want some Black Jacks. Like, really want them.

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I’m working from home tomorrow and I might buy myself a pack from the corner shop. Then turn up to collect my children with black teeth and a black tongue, and wonder why I get called in to school the next day.