Know what I just had the first time in a decade?


Pack o’ Tutti Fruttis


You mean Tooty Frooties?







Thought this was going to be a Pop Tart. I leave the thread disappointed.


Quite fancy a pack of Black Jacks now.


Instead of the much superior Fruit Salad? Shame on you ccb.


I smell a poll brewing…


  • Fruit Salads
  • Tory

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Chewy fruit sweets are ten a penny. A Black Jack is a thing of near-unique beauty.


Mmmmmm :heart_eyes:


But only one uniquely blends raspberry and pineapple in a fantabulous explosion of flavour.


Do you think if, when you were eating that last packet, you’d have known you would’ve eaten them and tried to appreciate it a bit more and taken more time over them?


This is indelibly linked to Top Secret! in my mind.


Little Richard is THE best thing ever.


Despite voting for the obviously incredible Fruit Salads, I now really, really want some Black Jacks. Like, really want them.


I’m working from home tomorrow and I might buy myself a pack from the corner shop. Then turn up to collect my children with black teeth and a black tongue, and wonder why I get called in to school the next day.