Known this lass for 12 years

Never been to the gym before and she started doing crossfit a month ago. Now she shares things like this every day

Anyone do crossfit ?

she may well be FIT (in a physical exercise sense of course, gosh!) but it sounds like she’s making you CROSS!!!



I wanted to do CrossFit but I don’t really understand it

It is absolute shit for cunts.

it seems to turn otherwise perfectly sane people into total scientologists.


My mate has stopped doing back squats cos his arse has in his own words ‘grown out of control, its like sitting on two muscular hams, and no jeans fit me anymore’

Fair play.


am i right in thinking you can’t even tell people what it is without going to the classes or you get sued?

i’ve tried to find out what it actually is but all i could find is loads of people saying how great it is and you should go but they won’t tell you what it actually is. getting heavy scientology vibes off it.


How about instead of a few pull ups, you do hundreds of little shudders in a position that looks like a pull up, and you pay me £1,000 an hour for the privilege?

It seems to be based on some kind of RAD concept called ‘wods’. you see, I ma typing this and nodding off to sleep as I do so, it’s just so rubbish.

the thing is, from what I can see, the exercises themselves are fine. It’s like a military / jailyard fitness type thing- repetitive squats/ pull-ups/ sit-ups/ burpees and sprints with interval training. That kind of lark. But when you go to the CROSSFIT GYM to do your WOD you have to tell everybody, and post a meme about clean eating and then the magic happens.

rad wods?

not sure how much of this post is spelled correctly

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unbelievably, all of it.

I am now sitting back and waiting to be sued.


Tom Cruise stunt-arse levels?



you’ll be fine. sean should probably be shiting it though.

I think WOD means Workout of the Day

Look, on the ‘rest day’ they have a picture of a woman jogging. JOGGING IS NOT RESTING.

WOD = workout of (the) day and itll be something like

5 rounds of:
10 kipping pullups
10 thrusters (like a clean + jerk)
10 box jumps
10 deadlifts
some bullshit with ropes

All done with terrible form and too heavy weight.

Slipped disks and hernias as a cool down


they’ve got a picture of a guy doing deadlifts on another rest day wtf

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Haha, what? I thought crossfit were those machines in the gym that move all over the place and people fall off of in comedy films. Fuck. Thought it was a bit weird that people were going on about them.


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I’m also sick with people talking to me about protein
and clean eating winds me up
oh you so clean eating that chicken thats been pumped with chemicals

(I could probably be into this but I only go to the gym for funs and MH)

I think the principles of clean eating are admirable, so if you are a meat eater, knowing its provenance/ using a good butcher. And only ever using grass fed butter, avoiding soy crap etc. it’s just a bit tiresome when people are evangelical about it.