Koko closed (temporarily)

Was going to title thread RIP Koko, but then noticed that there was a thread about the death of the signing gorilla recently and decided that that might be insensitive. Anyway…

Everyone’s favourite terribly laid out/£6 warm can of Red Stripe serving north London venue Koko is temporarily closed for emergency rennovations:

Full statement:


What a faff that Dreadzone on Thursday has been relocated to the vastly superior, plus more convenient for me to travel to, Islington Assembly Hall :+1:

Nobody seems to like this venue. I was hoping Dream Wife on Halloween would get moved.

Plus points:
:+1: It’s an attractive building to look at
:+1: Lots of decent bands play there

Negative points:
:-1: Just about everything else tbh tbf…


If this is where I saw Big Thief (comparatively new to London gigging) then I loved it as a venue. Enjoyed the weird, cavernous back of house balconys etc.

Any other downsides other than restricted views? Typically remember decent gigs there. The sounds wasn’t amazing but not bad. The building is nice, the location is good, the bar is identical to other venues, crowd depends on the band :man_shrugging:

I was there a couple of weeks ago and they now have pale ale and IPA in a can as well as the Red Stripe. And cold! But still six quid a can (which you can buy four for £6 in the supermarket).

Koko is good on accounts of there being multiple balconies to get a good view from if you want


It’s not great but it’s preferable to most of the similarly sized alternatives (Troxy, Shepherds Bush Empire, Forum). Islington Assembly Hall is much nicer though, you’re right about that.


Koko? go go!

When the gig is finished it always takes half an hour to get out and whenever i go there I think “if there was a fire we would all be dead people”


That’s the same for all venues though also.

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Yeah I suppose that’s true, I just really notice it at Koko.

I wonder where they will relokoko their shows to

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Probably the Electric Ballroom

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I like getting a space on the balcony there. I do not like not getting a space and standing downstairs and not seeing things because of my limited height

If there was a fire or emergency then presumably the venue would open the emergency exits, so you’d hopefully get out sooner than just through the main door

Not a fan of the venue but the Mogwai/Twilight Sad benefit gig I went to there was one of the best gigs of my life.


Me also

Koko, oh-no!

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Did anyone go to this when it was Camden Palais?

Used to be quite a trendy clubbing place back in the mid to late 90s.

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Went to my first ever rave there (Peach) and then many more over the years, plus Feet First on a Tuesday night.
Despise the name Koko, the bar pricing and general attempts to be classier than it actually is. Many a great night mind.