Koko closed (temporarily)


Seen loads of good stuff there. View has occasionally been shit but no worse than most other venues of its size.

Best thing I’ve seen was Moderat touring II there. Fucking brilliant, nowhere near as good the next time around. Also was the scene of my ‘most drunken gig attendance’ for dirty projectors (circa bitte orca) after accidentally drinking seven pints on an empty stomach before getting there and ‘moving on to whiskey’ :grimacing:


Oh shit, actually cut/copy touring In Ghost Colours was better, people absolutely lost their shit, it was fucking brilliant


sounds really great


Seen very few classic gigs at the Koko given the amount of shows I’ve seen there, but 65daysofstatic (Fall of Math 10th anniversary) and Of Montreal were both superb, as was Jenny Lewis last month. Hope this doesn’t mean Okkervil River gets cancelled…


didn’t say it was really great either m9. it’s fine. it’s not a venue where if i was umming and ahhing about going to see a band i’d be like “oh wow, but it’s at koko, that’s special”. but it wouldn’t put me off entirely either


just thought it was funny. you cant see or hear anything, but are there any other downsides?


ha. did think of that interpretation after i posted so fair to point it out :sweat_smile:

but basically if you’re not short it’s fine, if you are, you can at least go to the balcony as Ant said, which many other venues don’t offer


Agreed! And not forgetting Sons and Daughters opening, very much RIP.


I remember seeing Jarvis Cocker there not long after the renaming and he said (something along the lines of) “weird that a nightclub and gig venue has renamed itself after a hot drink you have to get to sleep”


I didn’t get a ticket for this show because of it being at Koko. Might pick one up if it gets moved somewhere better.


Camden Palace, not Palais. I went there a few times. I would never have called it ‘trendy’. I remember it being the sort of place where under 18s could sneak in and get served.


Depends what era…I’m talking mid 90s. It was definitely one of the biggest clubs on the progressive house scene at the time, along with Fabric. Maybe I’m remembering it all incorrectly - wasn’t really my thing at the time.

I’m not sure where I got Palais from?


Hammersmith Palais?


worst venue in london. other than maybe ally pally or brixton academy.

worst ‘smallish’ venue in london for sure.


^Still one of my favourite places to go to gigs :smiley:


Shepherds Bush Empire is definitely worse.



It’s the one venue in London now that I just don’t buy tickets if someone I would otherwise got and see plays there


hmm shepherd’s bush is better for balconies than koko at least - i never stand downstairs anymore at SBE but if you try and go up on the balconies at koko unless you are literally right at the front you can’t see shit.


Only been up there once for Spoon, view was good but sounded like the band was playing next door.

  • It’s local to me
  • It has the nice sloping floor
  • It’s an attrative building to look at
  • It has tons of memories for me - I’ve probably seen more gigs here than anywhere else
  • I like visiting Brixton in general
  • If I’m seeing a band here it usually someone big so it feels quite eventy

They have relaxed their no crowd surfing policy