Koko closed (temporarily)


It sounds fucking awful though


Zimmer frames are now allowed?


I guess it depends on what night you went. I went on nights where it was more indie stuff going on.


Can sound a bit muddy, this I concede. Actually sounded fine last time I was there for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club however…


This is interesting.


Makes sense.


Anyone old enough to have watched this?



I can’t really describe the era - I was a bit off with Prog house, it was more like hand bag house kind of thing. I loathed that scene but my friends were all into it so I went along one night.

It was sort of post Ibiza…all of the guys wore Patrick Cox wannabe’s and wide open necked shirts. Awful…


Whereas I totally ignored that scene, only going to rock’n’roll, indie, garage-rock, punk type things…




only at Carter USM gigs…


Are you saying that’s me going over the barriers at the bottom right of the screen at 4:10?

Because it is…


Yep…over the barriers and straight back to the assisted living complex for a cup of Horlicks

*I’m guessing we are a similar age… :grin:


What a gig! Although I was stood well back, nursing one of those two pint pots they sell at Brixton and not getting in all those shenanigans. I know my place!


My first gig was at Brixton academy (rancid in 96) my friend encouraged me to crowd surf, so I climbed up the barriers and jumped, pliers head fast into the floor, spent the rest of the gig concussed in the foyer


Intrigued to know what this means without the typos - or maybe there are no typos :open_mouth:

I got hit by a stagediver at The Marquee (RIP) during Babes In Toyland back in '92. Came to in the foyer and suffered temporary amnesia which was fun - had no idea where I was, who I was with or how to get home. Wandered around for a couple of hours before I rebooted.

Of course the gig is on YouTube, as is everything - probably in here somewhere…


Think I was going for ‘plowed’


The venue isn’t all that, but the slope in the stalls area is something that should be standard in every venue ever.


Looks like it’s been moved to The Garage which is much, much, much more appealing. Might have to get a ticket now.


Sold out due to the venue change :confused: I had the same idea!