Koko closed (temporarily)


Seems like I got lucky and was able to get a last minute one


Only went once for a club night that was oversold and understaffed. Shite.

Saying that, it stars in a wonderful scene in Zadie Smith’s Swing Time where the protagonist loses her virginity to a greasy teenage goth



I haven’t seen this video in ages. I think there might be a few old DiSers in the crowd there.


I discovered people calling it the Camden Palais was more of an East London / Essex thing around 2000. I think it was probably ‘Palace’ to us stuck up Indie wankers but ‘palais’ to most others.

As for how trendy it was, I recall it being really popular for Indie stuff too and then it closed for a few months (maybe 6?) to have a complete refit and reopened all cyberpunk…just after cyberpunk was definitely very dead.


The TV’s sister is in that video (she used to date the singer)…