Koko’s on fire

From the article:

Architecturally, there are some stunning touches. The roof terrace actually “floats” above the original venue, which the owners were prohibited from modifying.

“It’s literally on stilts sitting through the building and then hovering on top,” says Julie Humphreys, the project’s co-lead architect. “So that’s a first, in the sense of being able to build on top of a Victorian theatre.”

That about fulfils my criteria of ‘floating’ as much as these fulfilled the criteria of being ‘hoverboards’ :thinking:

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Any venue that books those indie rock arsekickers knows the risks involved. NO SYMPATHY!

They’ve been speaking to yer man Moses Boyd on the News Channel about it

Oh my good God what is that terrible song theyre singin?

Rococo at Koko at Koko at Kokooooo
Rococo at Koko at Koko at Kokooooo