What’s the latest?

We did it lads, time to bring are brave boys home.

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Kony is still at large

The boys went home last year

Didn’t the guy behind the campaign get found wanking into a puddle or something?

Interesting read this

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He’s likely fled to South Sudan

Jason Russell would like to refer to this episode as his “unique brand of madness” and he remains thankful for the lessons learned. He (together with his wife) has since written a children’s book called “A Little Radical”. Jason continues to serve as a keynote speaker, inspiring creativity, idealism, and sacrifice.

Bobi Wine has recently returned from the States and was promptly rearrested (but released again afterwards). Some footage emerged last week of one of his guys being beaten by police again.

Museveni yesterday received a pair of Yeezys from Kanye West:

I find it hard to keep up with these Sudan developments


Interesting read about that situation

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if kanye has dino DNA, then we all done

That was an unbelievably weird day on the internet.

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Do you think he’ll run again in 2020


Don’t understand what this means.

I know it’s wrong but I couldn’t help but laugh :laughing:

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