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yeah this record is good actually. i like the weird abstract shit, gives it a nice vibe. a bad vibe, but in a good way you know? kill yr idols rips


Yep, I agree with this. Imagine this being your second record and it being this good before you ever get to making classic albums. What a fucking consistent band from the off.

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such a fucking cool band, omg. already this badass at this early stage? fuck off!


so, never actually put my thoughts down on paper

Very interesting. Much more SY-y overall, so many of the things I like about them are more in focus here, but still didn’t actually enjoy it all that much or want to go back to it - think it’s about 20% short on melody for me. So many great textures and tones though, plenty of bits of this would make for a stunning horror/experimental soundtrack album - so even if it’s not my sort of thing to listen to on its own merits, it entirely nails that eerie moody atmospheric approach

funny how much I would say this was Kim’s based on this album, if i didn’t know any better - she’s leading on 6 of the 11 sung tracks, and clearly has a more developed, arresting voice at this time (though she’s barely holding onto a tune in Early American :smiley: ). Plus her bass is the melodic centre of their whole sound at this time

quite different from the rest of the picks above, but think my fav tracks are the run of Inhuman - The World Looks Red - Confusion is Next. Inhuman has this energy and drive to it that most of their stuff lacks for me at this stage (Pixies-esque? A weirder track off of Incesticide?). Love the drums and groove on World and the weird warped guitar harmonic thing going on. And the bass and claustrophobic ringing guitar on Confusion is just excellent, like a band who genuinely sound inspired by Joy Division rather than just having a baritone singer and hooky basslines. By far the best Thurston has sounded on vocals up to this point too, and probably my single fav album track here

Kill Yr. Idols is good, but I think it just sounds like a lesser version of the best type of peak SY songs - whereas the ones I flagged feel unique to this early period. Hmm stuck it on again, it is pretty grand actually, but the aimless middle bit kinda ruins its early anthem potential for me

think it’s a good 5/10 - step up from the 4 I gave the debut, but not actually something I liked or want to return to, which is what I need from a 6.


ah man, someone on my side, yes!

traitorous scumbag

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Yeah, I’ve had it on a few times and while my ears prick up at some tracks mostly I’m not really being grabbed by it.

Had a listen and found it hard to connect with as usual.
I like reading what other posters have said about the music but the tunes are just too shouty to really absorb what’s in the background.
The Kill Your Idols EP is a massive improvement, but the songs sound better live.

CiS 6

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have given it one final pre-vote listen in the cold light of day and I’ve definitely cooled on it a bit. still agree with my initial thoughts but it’s come down to a straight 6/10 - I think we’re still largely in the “bits and pieces of interesting stuff” phase for me, albeit with a definite improvement from the first one.

excited about what’s to come.

favourite track on Confusion is Sex/Kill Yr Idols

  • (She’s in a) Bad Mood
  • Protect Me You
  • Freezer Burn/I Wanna Be Your Dog
  • Shaking Hell
  • Inhuman
  • The World Looks Red
  • Confusion is Next
  • Making the Nature Scene
  • Lee is Free
  • Kill Yr Idols
  • Brother James
  • Early American

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