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I’m not as well versed as the duckster when it comes to The Residents but their album from a couple of years ago Metal, Meat and Bone was great


glad to see that someone put Thurston on a slightly shorter leash after Master-Dik, but evidently he insisted on rapping and saying titty again. see if you can guess which of these is his pseudonym:


I’m sure someone mentioned this before but now that I’ve listened to DN extensively and the Whitey album once it’s even funnier that:


Which begs the question. Would The Whitey Album, had it been released at the same time as Daydream Nation, have brought some of DN’s thunder down?

I’m not too confident with poll creating. Perhaps some kind soul can oblige?

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secret third option: the whitey album is great

madge looks incredible in that video, good lord :heart_eyes:


like i know “madonna was hot in 1989” is the most basic thing to say, but still


Hopes were not high.

I bought a lot of CDs in my life between about 1992-2012ish this was pretty much my main life expense. I’ve only ever sold four of them: ‘Sonic Death’ and ‘The Whitey Album’ which I flogged on after picking up the whole SY back catalogue on CD back in the day (and two Jandek albums which I bought on the back of glowing reviews and realised quickly were not for me).

Plus I loathed Master Dik so I was expecting more of the same.

But, actually, this isn’t that bad at all! I remember after the release of his first solo album, Thurston Moore said that he wanted to get the whole ‘I’m the songwriter genius’ thing out of his system and this feels like it works in the same way. It’s not an album really, it’s a grab-bag of ideas, experiments and things to get out of the system before they make another ‘proper’ record.

On that level it works really well. Feels pretty brave actually for a band with ‘serious’ rock credentials and impeccable cool to be messing around with pop, hip-hop etc but they have fun with it and some of the results really stand up.

“Into the Groovey” is the highlight for me: is it a cover? A remix? A… what? No idea but it really works. Conversely, “Addicted to Love” tries a similar trick and (for me) doesn’t work at all. But nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose.

A lot of the instrumentals marry hip hop beats to their guitar sound really well (not sure what Steve Shelley was doing for the tracks that are sampled drums??) It’s a bit of a mess and I think it’s best seen as an oddity rather than an album but I didn’t hate it.

‘Master Dik’ was self indulgent and punishing: this is self-indulgent but interesting.

6/10? Maybe a 7 for the J Mascis guitar solo coming out of nowhere half-way through?

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I liked this before but it’s gotten better with age somehow. I do think it’s a bit long, repetitive, and too fractured for it’s own good - but there’s still a lot to like. Especially the atmosphere and guitar tones. Macbeth in particular sounds evil. So for me it’s just about a 7/10 but much more of an 8/10 when I make a playlist out of it.

That 40 min playlist being:
  1. Hi! Everybody
  2. Children of Stan/Third Fig
  3. Into the Groovey
  4. Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu
  5. Addicted to Love
  6. Macbeth
  7. Making the Nature Scene (Ciccone Youth Version)
  8. Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby
  9. March of the Ciccone Robots
  10. G-Force
  11. Platoon II



Yeah, could absolutely imagine people hearing great things about the new SY record and just picking the wrong one :smiley:

Have listened a couple of times in the past but it never made any impression. Probably switched off because I find the opening 4 tracks dull.

But it gets better after that apart from Tuff Titty. MacBeth is great, Children of Satan/Third Fig is pretty great. (The most Sonic Youth tracks I guess).

Don’t mind the more noisy/arty stuff that feel like interludes but it’s all pretty inessential. Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby & Burnin’ Up are a bit random but fine to hear them try stuff out.

Can’t stand the original of Addicted to Love but the cover is a blast. Into the Groovey is good too. They were good at covers weren’t they.

Definitely one of those releases that would be a nice free download where you skip a few tracks but think I’d be pissed off if I’d spent £13 or whatever on the cd back in the day.

Btw gave Daydream 9/10. Didn’t comment as everyone covered everything but enjoyed listening especially in the context of following the other albums.




score out of 10 for The Whitey Album

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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I didn’t enjoy it as a whole but the bits I did enjoy were good so I’ve gone with a 4.

I’ve come back to it throughout the week - but I do skip a bunch of stuff. A complicated 7 from me.

Everythong before Macbeth is disposable

But then everythong apart from titty rap does it for me in a big way


No fav song poll? Are you juat assumong everyone would pick Macbeth

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I have always considered Burning Up to be the best song on it.

Yeah, me too. I’ve always loved that version. I was flabbergasted to learn this week that it’s actually Greg Ginn and Mike Watt who do that.

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It’s a Back Page Podcast 7 out of 10

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only doing them for the main albums