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Tunic is soooo good


But does it??? I don’t know. Is it sultry or is it railing against oppression or is it just a huge waste of Chuck D???

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obvs it’s a waste of yer man chuck duck, kind of feels like he’s just giving kim space to be cool as fuck (like she needs it), like he’s there to be her hype man

oh it’s both

that urgent-sounding guitar part towards the end before it goes back into the main riff

the bit that goes

dunu-nu nunu nuu-nunu nunu-nuu

i mean holy fuck it gets me every time

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absolutely - the whole album seems to be going for this energetic blast of noise thing but then they kind of stodge it up a few too many times

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It’s about her disastrous interview LL Cool J, right? I mean it’s not that he’s a waste as such, he’s just essentially playing LL Cool J being really shit or something. I always felt like his kind of non-performance is the point but I agree it’s a shame they didn’t also do a proper full-on track with him.

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according to sonicyouth.com she wanted LL Cool J rather than Chuck D originally

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anyone seen Mildred Pierce?

it sounds fine i guess :man_shrugging: there was an HBO miniseries recently too

idk :man_shrugging:

also! 1991 The Year Punk Broke is from the tour for Goo

i’m going to watch that this week



didn’t know this was on yt

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Never seen it but I wish we still had trailers like this

Would be great:


who’s that pokemon?!



there’s loads of music docs on there, i watched a bunch over lockdown. breadcrumb trail, instrument, we jam econo, the punk singer, stop making sense… i don’t know what to tell you man, they got it all on the internet these days!!


My least favourite sounding of their records, something very artificial and lacking warmth about it.
Mary Christ, Tunic, Mote and the closing track are the keepers.

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what a time to be alive

I remember watching an old K Records one back in the day that was really good too

the whole hyper-prolific era of SY we’ve been covering lately has me super curious about this that I stumbled across on Wiki

I love the film. I’m a big noir fan though so it kind of fits into that genre area. It’s a sort of melodrama/noir mix.

The mini series remake is enjoyable too.

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only occurred to me to google it coz in the video album thing they start off on joan crawford’s star on the hollywood walk of fame

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Can’t recall if I’d seen it before hearing the song or not. Was the sort of gem BBC2 would randomly show on a Sunday afternoon.